Friday, November 26, 2010

Low Key Turkey Day sans Turkey

Easy-Peasy was the word for our Thanksgiving Day.


No turkey for just us two …. we went with duck.  Perfect for a two-person dinner.  And to answer any questions, we’ll see Kymmie this weekend, but not on turkey day itself.  Will see if I can get any news out of her for everyone!


Lewis Cat relaxes in front of the fire.  Will admit to napping myself in front of the fire.


Sally Cat overcomes her fear of being touched to snuggle in my lap on the blue blankie (her fave).


The Boys.  Need I say more?  Bruiser-Boy (aka Sterling) made his A-D-D way into the gathering.  Then he was off again.  Can’t keep him focused.


Easy-going on the table setting also.


The duck comes out all crusty brown …. roasted brussel sprouts (Bobby Flay-ish style from the Pioneer Woman throwdown but without the pomegranates and nuts, because only just decided to do them this style) …. carrots maybe a little over-done this way, but I loved them.  Next time, they will be put in a little later in the roasting.  But can I just say … the brussies, roasted with a little olive oil …. maybe even Kymster-edible.  YUM.  Remind me to tell you all the embarrassing Kym versus brussel sprout story one day.


A nice glass of Merlot (181) and dinner is served!


Next was a very BRISK indeed walk around the neighborhood and settled in to watch a movie instead of football.

All in all, a very perfect, low key, stay-at-home and veg kind of day.  Just what the doctor ordered.


fishy said...

Feasting, a brisk trip around the hood, movies, naps and entertaining cats? Thankful indeed!

moi said...

Duck is a super idea and I'm so glad you had a relaxing day in front of the fire. But I'll never, ever understand Brussels sprouts. Only thing I don't eat.

Karl said...

Good evening Pam,

My kind of time. good food, good company and no pressure. I love roasted brussel sprouts.

Kymical Reactions said...

?!?!?You had duck?!?!?! I'm just saying here and now that a double duck dinner should be on the Christmas menu. :) yummy in my tummy.

Pam said...

Fishy: Entertaining cats ... as in we have to entertain them; it doesn't work the other way around.

Moi: Try the olive oil drizzled roasted brussies before writing them off entirely ... never had seen that done before and it is delish. We usually go the boiled cabbage route with them.

Karl: Our day was exactly as you described. In other words, perfect.

Kymmie: Double ducks already purchased and on stand-by for Christmas!

Troll said...

Sounds very nice! That's very similar to my sprout technique. Just olive oil, pepper and bacon.

Boxer said...

Yes! to relaxing and keeping things simple. Everything looks lovely. Mr. Boxer and I once had cornish rock hens for a solo Thanksgiving, it didn't leave much for leftovers but they were fun to prepare.

Duck seems very English, so I'm wondering if you husband had a hand in the decision? :-)

Aunty Belle said...


An' I saw that Flay throwdown--I thought HER THanksgiving looked more like the real thang, but I DID make note of the Brussels Sprouts too!

By now mebbe ya can tell us what Kymmie an' hubby will name our new blogger baby--have us bloggers ever had a baby before?

Pam said...

Troll -- will send your brussie version along to the house chef for contemplation.

Boxie -- we have duck a couple of times a year; and now prefer it over turkey. Our gatherings are small now and we don't have to feed an army. But yes, probably would never have considered if someone English didn't propose it!

Auntie: Well, I think the baby news is still early days. She has been given a due date but they are still getting used to the whole idea of it all ... methinks there will be plenty to share as things continue to develop!