Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Movie Clip Wednesday… First Date Movie

Sorry, but have to be short and sweet today and sorry I’m a little late putting up a clip.

Didn’t have time to think much about it so just went with the first movie I remember watching at the theater with that British Guy …  and it has been a favorite ever since ….

We quote it often.  

And, of course, Ruprecht the monkey boy is excited to move to Oklahoma.


Buzz Kill said...

I laugh everytime Steve Martin pushes that woman in the water. I'm a dissapointed there's no juicy first date story, but I like the movie.

Happy MCW!

Troll said...

That was a very funny movie. Good choice.

moi said...

Oh. Mah. Gawd. One of the funniest movies ever! Whenever S.B. and I cross the border into your part of the world, we both chime in simultaneously, "Oklahoma, Oklahoma, Oklahoma!" You'd think it would get old, but it doesn't.

Karl said...

Good afternoon Grandma Pam,

First off congratulations!

Steve Martin is one of the best at modern slapstick, always good for a laugh.

Happy clip day!

Boxer said...

I loved this movie. Steve Martin doens't always pick the best movies, but I still love him. THIS was a good one, BTW.

Happy MCW.