Sunday, November 14, 2010


Not "Name the Baby" .... this is Name the Grandma contest.   Moi suggested, I concur ....

I was going to go with GRAMMY PAMMY.

But am open to suggestions.  Anyone?  Anyone???


Troll said...

Yours sounds good to me.

fishy said...

One of my oh-so Southern-friends has 9 grandchildren who call her,
I once asked her why and she responded:
" I wanted them all to love me dearly so I guess it was a form of subliminal seduction. It works too as all my grands love me so generously".

Karl said...

Good afternoon Grammy Pammy,

That sounds good it may take the child a while to be able to say it.

Boxer said...

My Mother had picked a name for her first Grandchild to call her and guess what? The Grandchild came up with his own and it stuck. Then we called her.... "Mo".

She learned to love it.

moi said...

Lovey! I love that.

You could also explore foreign words for grandma:

Pam-Oma (German)
Pam-Mere (French)
Pam-Nona (Italian)
Pam-Mormor (Swedish)
Pam-Jiddo (Arabic)
Pam-Soba (Japanese)

Pam said...

Troll: I thank you for your support! How have you been anyway?

Fishy: Lovey. If it weren't for that Gilligan's Island memory in my brain, I might could do that.

Karl: I'm willing to be patient!

Boxie: You, of course, are the most correct. As with kids and their names, the most loving names are the ones that sort of create themselves.

Moi: If I go for the Pam-Mormor, would that qualify me for membership in the Swedish bikini team that the hubby has always wanted to move in next door?

fishy said...
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fishy said...

How about ...

Pamalot !

You could even have your own song

... there's simply not
a more convenient spot
for happy ever aftering
than here with
Pam-a-lot .

maybe I should just go to bed now and pray my brains will return by morning.

Pam said...

Fishy -- Pamalot has actually been used in connection with me on at least one occasion. But I like it. Grammalot?

Kymical Reactions said...

:) You're silly. But I like it. I can't wait to hear what baby will call you.