Wednesday, November 17, 2010

No MCW but more about Texas Panhandle

Sorry that I had no MCW today.  It has been one of those weeks. Two of those weeks actually.  I was not prepared in any way, shape or form with a MCW, so cheers to all those who had their acts together.  I did not.

But, before the evening ends and I’m winding down while surfing and reading and re-designing a project, and listening to the cold wind blow (that I was so busy had no idea was supposed to be coming in) … thought I’d share more about the wonderful Texas panhandle.


There’s a dinosaur on top of a mountain.


A home made out of a Baptist church and which rivals Graceland in eccentricity.


A brick main street in a well preserved town.


The most divine covered bridge restoration project ever.


Metal art that for some reason made me think of one Barky K9 and one Miss Moi ….

But here’s my small world story that happened on this trip.  After the drive over to Texas and poking around the town all afternoon, we stopped to shop in one of those cool Mexican-style metal work and solid wood furniture places.  I was taking my time and making sure I saw everything, when a young lady approached me and said,

“Excuse me, can I ask you your name?”  I thought it was a store clerk. 

So I look at the girl and it dawns on me ….  “I know YOU,” I said … “How do I know you?” 

Turns out this girl is my Cousin Jim’s daughter, who is about the same age as Kymmie, and lives with her husband and FOUR kids down in the Sooner Nation of Norman, Oklahoma. 


Turns out that her hubby is working oilfield and she and the kids were up to visit him on the rig for the weekend.  They drove into town and – just a little before we arrived -- he dropped her at this cute little Mexican style metal work/heavy furniture place to have a look around.  Where she recognized me …But she was so far out of her element that I was a total blank for a few good seconds!   She didn’t want me to take her pic in her sweat pants and boots, but she is adorable no matter what she has on.  Wait until she finds out I posted it on the blog.  Heh.

Oh!  And then!  And then!  We say our goodbyes and join up with our hosts with the mosts to walk next door to the best little restaurant in the area, which is located in a building with the same name as said young cousin.  Spooky!

So, 136 miles from home, my little cousin was at the same shop as us at the same time – ten minutes either way and we’d have missed each other.  I absolutely LOVE a great small world story.


moi said...

I'm always surprised on just how small the world really is. How wonderful that you ran into some of your peeps.

Big smile on the sign, too :o)

Troll said...

Excellent happy story. Not spooky at all. Did you loudly refer to the Panhandle as "Baja Oklahoma" to locals?

fishy said...

How wonderful she did not let the opportuity slip by! So.... this means Kymmies babe has cousins!
I very fine thing indeed.

Around these parts it's fairly normal to see signs, or even license plates, which say,
" Shoot before calling 911"

Loz said...

Amazing how often we bump into people in the most unexpected places and how great it makes us feel :)

Pam said...

Moi: It is a small world and always has been -- i have lots of strange small world stories that seem to happen to me!

Trolly: I'm not sure Texas panhandle qualifies as Baja, but let me just say this: I'm glad you are back!

Fishy: Lots of cousins having babies for Kymmie's ... I had to think about how I am related to this girl in the pic ~ but her grandmother and my grandmother were sisters. Whatever that makes us in the cousins-once-removed category.

Loz! Long time no see. Hope you are well! I'll get over to your page and catch up!

Boxer said...

I love the "we don't dial 911" the best. FUNNY!

A coffee stand armed themselves with a taser gun due to a seriel robber and the whole town is up in arms. *sigh* liberals.

Have a great weekend.

Kymical Reactions said...

Well, I'll be. Lil' Cousin J out there in the Texas Panhandle. That's a pretty gosh darn good small world story!

carmar76 said...

i *heart* small world stories!! : )