Wednesday, November 03, 2010



Our new Governor-Elect Mary Fallin. 

First woman Lt. Gov.; then first woman since the 1920’s to represent our state in Congress; and now the first woman Governor.

Republicans totally swept the State races this year.  While Oklahoma usually goes Repub for national races, the local races usually  – until recently – stayed Democrat.  And for the first time ever there will be a Repub controlled legislature with a Republican Governor.  It’s going to be interesting.

Here’s a guy to watch:


James Lankford. Came out of nowhere to take the seat being vacated by Mary.  Truly a “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” scenario.  Caught my attention when I heard him speak during that very first debate … But can a man who ran a church camp for a living make it in D.C.? I know a lot of politicians claim they are called to run for office, but in Lankford’s case, I can believe it.  Okay, so the church camp is a huge thing and for lots of kids it was “Uh, I remember that one time at band camp Falls Creek ..”    My own dad got expelled from Falls Creek back when he was a teen because he borrowed a school bus to take a girl out on a date.  Anyway.  I digress.  Lankford.  Have a watch out for him.  I’m betting he goes far.


Our new Lt. Governor Todd Lamb (left in photo).  A former Secret Service agent and all around good guy.  He was floating about three feet off the ground last night as he made the rounds of all the newscasters.  Also in the photo is Senator Cliff Branan, who was re-elected by default when his opponent dropped out of the race early.

In all, the State Senate picked up six new Republicans, several from seats that had never gone Republican before.  Changes are coming and I daresay the good-old-boy system we’ve had has finally changed.  Whether a new good-old-boy system takes its place is another question for another day.

I hope all these new faces take time to realize that quite a few people blazed this trail for them … a good many of the current ones came in at a time when they were in the minority.  A story in the making since the time before statehood.   

Here’s to serving honorably and honestly.  Let the new games begin!


carmar76 said...

Woohoo! I LOVED all the changes going on. I think it's just what our nation needs, a shake up. Hopefully, as you said, those who have shaken it up will have the follow thru. only time will tell... And also, hooray for Todd and Cliff!

The Senator's Wife said...

Totally agree!

fishy said...

No screaming so maybe you are smiling :-)
Clues are your choice of words "intersting",
"finally", "hope", "all around good guy", "begin".

But your question, " Can a man who ran a church camp make it in DC?"
Is very interesting as I happen to believe a return to our Christian base is needed.

Looking forward to your telling of the story of Dad borrowing a school bus for a date!

K9 said...

the first and best thing that can happen is the R's start hold hearing on the banking debacle and start charging people with crimes. force do nothing eric holder to tart prosecuting the spawns of satan at the Fed and on wall street. until i see that - it is just business as usual

K9 said...

dag, beaucoup typos. sorry

fishy said...

stop on by the Pond please.
I have a request ...

Aunty Belle said...

Ya HOO Okies!!
Shake the world up, folks!!

Karl said...

Good afternoon Pam,

Here’s to serving honorably and honestly. Amen to that.

Troll said...

The Troll is back. All of my candidates won locally and state-wide. Some were in the "lesser-of-two-evils" category, but wth.

moi said...

We now have a female governor as well. Also our first. But although a republican, she was never MY first choice. I was pulling for Doug Turner in the primaries, but I guess anything non-Bill Richardsonian will just have to do.

Boxer said...

We've had a woman Governor for the past 5 years. She's not MY candidate, but she's also not happy after the election results; "We" shot down a tax income tax. Tooooooo bad.

Weeeeeee Troll is back.