Monday, December 27, 2010

Better than an Electric Train Set

Santa brought the kids a new toy.  It is better than any electric train ever received.  You just don’t realize the amount of fun that was had by two wayward boy cats on Christmas morning!


Unknown to even me … Santa had been to the house Christmas Eve!








King of the castle.


fishy said...

Have you seen cats with a train set????? It is memorable.
Your boys looked like they had a grand time playing king of the mountain.

Troll said...

Very clever. A cat toy, that cats actually like!

Boxer said...

My Mother had one but it was 6 ft tall and her cats would get that thing rocking to the point we'd all say "run for cover!"

My cat usually likes the box whatever I buy him came in, but clearly your crew knew immediatley they had a good thing.

moi said...

Sterling must be mine!

Pam said...

Fishy: These boys have never gone for the moving items. We have invested in several toys that went un-played-with. The cat tower, however, is a huge hit.

Trolly: These cats like it anyway! It has been hours of amusement. And little Sally-cat sneaks in when they are out of sight.

Boxie: I shudder to think that a six foot tall cat tower might be in my future.

Moi: Sterling. Sigh. My bright-eyed, sweet, lovable, Sally-terrorizing, mattress clawing, waggable vagabond. Sigh.