Friday, December 03, 2010

Bidness Cards

I've been getting a few side-jobs lately doing this photo hobby of mine. One freebie and three that involve a little bit of money are coming up. Two babies, one Christmas party, and one family shoot, all in the next two weekends. So you might not be seeing me here much as I process photos!

And my previous business cards had dissipated, so thought it was time to put a new one together. So I'm the proud owner of 100 new business cards. Won't show the front of the thing because it has too much personal personal info, but you get the idea here. Am thinking that I might put a sidebar on my page on how many business cards I hand out over the course of the year. I bet it takes me about 3-4 years to hand out all 100 of them. Ha.

The tag line comes from this song ... classic classic classic Rod Stewart.  This rolled around on the IPod one day and I thought hmmmmmm .... I need to use that line.   Every picture tells a story, don't it?  Well, dropped the "don't it" part but really really really didn't want to, just thought it was best that I did.  So take a moment and enjoy some 1970’s rebellion.


At any rate, it is going to be a very busy December for your humble correspondent. Double-duty at work. They gave me a new guy to help take care of for a while, and he comes with some work, let me tell you. Then we moved offices to another hallway so we can be closer to the action. And wow, action there has been for the past week ... drama, intrigue, corruption allegations, sordid affairs ~ all against someone I like very much.  Smear campaign?  Partial truths?   Perhaps.  Enemies abound.  Hmmmm. Gonna be interesting to say the least.


carmar76 said...

pam! love the business card! good choice of photos. :) and tag line. and music clip. rod stewart has an amaaaaazing voice. <3

Boxer said...

First, I really love your cards and think the quote is a great thing to add (and perfect for your profession.) It says, to me, that you care about more than just clicking the camera button.

As for your job - I'm sorry there's trouble brewin' and I think I'm sorry you probably can't blog about it. ;-)

Have a great weekend.

Troll said...

Great looking cards and slogan. Politicians never learn, do they?

Pam said...

Carmy! Thanks so much! Rod really DID used to be a rocker! Now, not so much.

Boxie: Thanks for saying what it says to you ... that is what I was going for!

Trolly: I wonder if the percentage is the same as in other professions. I bet it is. These are regular people after all.

moi said...

I really love the photo of the little boy with the baseball cap on. Nicely done.

Sorry to hear about your heated workplace. I hope it all irons itself out and, most importantly, that you don't suffer any consequences.

Buzz Kill said...

I don't think I've ever seen a 2 sided business card. Or maybe I just never flip them over.

Your office shenanigans sounds like a it could be a new Fox TV series. The O. C. - for Oklahoma City. Bwahahaha