Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Eatings!

A post about food.  The Merry Christmas eatings at our house over the Christmas holiday.

First up: 

Christmas Eve.

Lamb Roast!  The decision was made to have it on Christmas Eve since we would be eating big on Boxing Day (when the family was coming over) … and we didn’t want to eat that big on two days in a row.  So Christmas Eve, big dinner; Christmas day was a little recycling; and Boxing day – big dinner again.


Nice and crispy … just how I like it!  But yummy juicy inside.


The chef carves and dishes it up.

Christmas Day:

Lamb roast recycled as Lamb Curry!  (Rogan Josh style sauce) …. very yummy indeed.


Boxing Day morning:

Using up the veggie leftovers (cabbage, carrot, potato) into a classic English dish of “Bubble and Squeak”….


Chop up the left-overs, add an egg to bind it, cook it in the left-over bacon grease.  Two Fat Ladies (anyone else ever watch them on TV?) recommended using lard.  But we drew the line and went with the bacon.


And yes, that English fellow likes his Bubble and Squeak with a good serving of HP Sauce, a slice or two of smoky bacon, and yummmmy, “that’s good eatin’ rightch there” (and that would be quoting my dad going into full Okie-speak – imagine Andy Griffith back in Mayberry – sounds a bit like that!).   Notice the steam!   Mmmmmmm.


Boxing Day Dinner

Double-Duck.  Which means two ducks served up for all the guests.  Annual request from Babygirl, who loves this turkey alternative.  With the orange sauce.


Sister Carole brought ham and dressing.  Kymmie brought broccoli/rice casserole (not using my recipe, either!) and a baked-in-a-crust-brie (yummm) and a chocolate/marshmallow dessert … and I can’t see what else is down the buffet line.


The chef, in his usual Christmas sweatshirt that was a gift to him what … 20 years ago?  He wears it every year at some point.  Please note that we transferred the ham to a much cuter serving dish.  The plates?  Bleuflower pattern from a German place … they were my mom’s.  And the second time they were used this year!


Then Sister Carole and the Chef light the brandy to pour over the Christmas pudding.   Mmmmmmm.  The Son-in-Law is liking the Christmas pudding these days, too. 



moi said...

Looks like you had a yummy holiday! I love lamb and have decided to make it next year. And I really dig the idea of duck as an alternative to turkey. Glad you enjoyed it all! And the Fat Ladies? I used to watch them all the time. They were a kick.

Pam said...

Moi: Love the Fat Ladies. They were usually tanked up on something and I'm betting it wasn't always just alcohol, either! The Chef will fix lamb at Easter-time also. We did a test duck at Thanksgiving as well. And, it has been known in this family to actually prepare a goose for the Christmas feast! Highly recommended.

Milk River Madman said...

Lamb roast looks terrific. I like lamb very much and crispy is the only way to go. I have a physical tomorrow at 9 AM so have to fast till then. Except for my post pool night Crown which I'm rather enjoying after winning all three of my matches. I've sucked so bad this year that to go 3-0 tonight is a big deal.

Troll said...

Looks yummy in spite of the strong tendency towards Brit tastes.

Boxer said...

ooooh. major Food Porn! I love the "story" even if I don't eat meat.