Thursday, December 02, 2010


My telephone calls so far today.  And I'm taking an early lunch break to rest my brain.   Here's a sampling of the variety.  Crazy?  No, not really, just crazy busy.

Synthetic Marijuana
Power lines and the reasoning behind the routing of them through the countryside
Housing assistance for an elderly disabled person
Puppy Mills
Use of Artwork for a Text Book
Using tires as an energy source
Hotel reservations

Not the day to go off caffeine. Am now re-thinking that idea.

Meanwhile, Kymmie says to come by her page as she has a new post up.  


Boxer said...

Hoping the rest of your day was better?

moi said...

If the content of these phone calls are as cracktacularly loony as the emails you've shared with me, then girl, you need to write a book.

Pam said...

Boxie: Nope, and today has been the same!

Moi: Crack-tastic is the correct terminology. Maybe I will keep a running list of the subjects I deal with each day .... that might be very interesting (to me) indeed.

Loz said...

Maybe we should all post about the craziest phone call we've ever had