Thursday, December 16, 2010

Embarassing Kym Photo of the Season

Have I uploaded this before? If not, here for your enjoyment is the one and only Kymster ... modeling her NKOTB merchandise opened one Christmas morning back in the '90s. Joey Joe was her guy. Must look for fan letter she wrote that still exists. That British Guy stored it somewhere for safe-keeping. Oh yes, there's a weekend project for me!
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Troll said...


Milk River Madman said...

Well done, Pam. That is a suwheet photo.

moi said...

Popping popcorn, pulling the tab on a Fresca, and waiting patiently for the fireworks.

Boxer said...


Maybe you better get that gun.

SWEET picture.

Karl said...

Good afternoon Pam,

Or at least a Taser. I think she's gonna be mad.

K9 said...

poor kym! grrrrrrhahahahahaha whats next, backstreet boys?

Kymical Reactions said...
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Kymical Reactions said...

Oh sweet mother of all things holy. I cannot believe you've done this to me. Have you no shame? I thought you loved me? No??

I'm going to have to go through ALL of your photos and give you an "approved" embarrassing photo list of ones you can post on your blog.

tsk tsk. look at that serious bed head. Why didn't you make me brush my hair? I'm guessing I was 8/9ish here? This is so shameful.

Ok look ya'll. I'm done being in denial. I was just like every other pre-teen girl in the early 90's and I was swooned by a boy band. So what? So what if I played "Please Don't Go Girl" on repeat over and over and over. So what if I pretended Joey Mac was singing directly to me? So what if my bedroom was covered in NKOTB magazine pages from BOP and Teen Beat? (or was it Tiger Beat?) Regardless, so what if I had all of the NKOTB dolls (both the street and concert dolls) and made them date my Barbie's? (lucky bitches.)

OOoooooh, like you never kissed posters of Paul McCartney!

I'm just sayin, it was a phase. I've out grown it. But apparently, **someone** likes to remind me just how geeky and awkward I was. How do you sleep at night?

Aunty Belle said...


She looks happy....

Pam said...

Troll: Nuff said
MRM: Suhweet is right
Moi: Heh. Family squabbles worth watching?
Boxie: Nope, she could take me with the gun, she has been trained with that already.
Karl: I might have a chance with a taser.
Barkydog: Nope, I think BSB were not an obsession by the time they came along.
Kymmie: Wouldn't trade that happy pic for anything. Yep, somewhere between 8-10 I'd say. Pre-Hag, almost positive. Maybe pre-John? I don't think so.
Auntie: 'Tis fun. A good memory.