Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Holiday Bokeh Experiments

Me and Sterling were watching Glee.  And getting pretty bored with it all.  Except for the sparkly lights blinking on and off around the living room.  Yeah, that’s it, Sterling, let’s experiment with some Bokeh pics, ala the current Pioneer Woman contest, and see if we can get anything worth submitting!

Now, I know I don’t have the superest of super-duper lenses, but let me tell you, this is much harder than one would think!  And I will spare you the totally out-of-focus efforts.  Argh!



Lesson 1:  Something should be in front of the lights on which to focus, so that the lights go all bokeh-y.


And then having said foreground in focus should also be key.  Try that again, okay?


Better, but not perfect.  Trying again.


Nevermind.  Let’s move on.


Christmas ornament?  Lens wants to focus behind it.  Not a good look.


Different ornament?  No focus at all.


Oooh, how about a Christmas card?  I love this one that Ashli used of Baby Avery on their family Christmas card.  (Yes, I’ll take credit for that pic, love it…)


Oh so difficult to get this going right.


Not bad, but don’t like the off-white window blinds.


Me like this one better.  May have to edit this one some more.


Sterling gets in on the act.  He’s obviously bored with Glee also.


But the light from the kitchen looks nice on his wittle face.


Sterling:  “Yeah, I’m bored.  I’m always bored.  Where’s Sally?"  I might need to chase and bite her.”


Sterling:  “What do you mean, I can’t chase Sally?”


Sterling:  “You talking to ME?”


Sterling:  Big Yawn.


Sterling:  Shakes head “no”


Absolutely no focusing on the Christmas card from this viewpoint.


Vintage Santa Bokeh with Glee on TV in background.



Oooh, how about a little composition using the glass and the coffee table?  Perhaps!








Potential.  But I want more blur.


Hmmm. Better?


Still better methinks.


Better, but I want the wording in focus also.  And more of baby Avery.




And maybe the best?

Thanks for sharing in my bored-with-Glee bokeh photo extravaganza.


Pam said...

Nothing worthy of submission, though, but I had fun.

fishy said...

Goodness, what fun a girl can have with a camera , a few cats and blah tv.