Sunday, December 19, 2010

Moose Party 2010

My Friend Jamie had her annual Moose Party last night. … This is the party where you bring something to re-gift … one of those things that you have no idea why someone gave it to you, where they got it, or what they were thinking.  John made out like a bandit.  It all works like a Dirty Santa.  Three steals and the gift is frozen.


Here he is displaying an Obama commemorative plate.  He also scored beer mugs that have a bell … convenient for letting someone know you are ready for a refill.  Well, actually, I scored them on his behalf on a final steal effort.


The ugly sweatshirt made its 15th anniversary re-appearance and ended up in the hands of (and on the person of) an unsuspecting newcomer to the party.  So, of course, Jamie had to steal it back so it didn’t go missing over the course of the next year.   But I think some assets are bigger now than in her youth when she did actually wear this thing in public.


And everyone was wondering what happened to John’s Moose gift from

last year

that he fell in love with … the news is that he took it to work and it sits on his desk so he can play it for office visitors.


Troll said...

That's a great idea. I've never heard of anything quite like it. Big fun!

Buzz Kill said...

The Mrs' family use to do something like this as a family polyanna several years ago. You picked from wrapped gifts and they allowed 2 steals. Only a little bit of regifting went on (we have a stupid board game that we got stuck with 15 years ago) but her family dicontinued the tradition when her parents moved away. It was fun while it lasted.

carmar76 said...

we do something similar at all our christmases. LOVE IT! so much fun, especially when there's the gift that everyone wants (tonight it was a multi-purpose wrench)!!

Boxer said...

Mr. Boxer's company does this and it can get ROUGH. People do not like schnizz taken from them. :-)

Sweet pictures.

moi said...

We do the same thing every year at Christmas, only don't have the "frozen" rule. I think I'll implement it this year, though, because things get heated, people get pissed, and hair gets pulled.