Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Movie Clip Wednesday – Favorite Detective Movie

My clip this week isn’t a theater release type of movie.  But it is a movie.  A series of movies.  PBS shows them on Sunday Night’s Mystery series.  My favorite detective, or one of them anyway, is Inspector Morse.  A cranky, beer drinking, analytical, classical music loving detective with a poet’s soul.  Sadly, John Thaw, the actor who portrays him, has passed away.  But the series lives on in the form of “INSPECTOR LEWIS” … who is his Sergeant in the Inspector Morse series.  Very intelligent detective stories.  Lots of set up as the stories get started.   Very well acted and written.  Some super-fans even get into clues that are hinted at in the music selections he listens to during the episode.  Based on the novels by Collin Dexter, Inspector Morse is my movie clip this week.

Could have gone the route of The Fugitive with Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones (love that movie) but figured someone else would use it.  Anyway, if you want to use your brain while watching a detective movie and not rely on special effects or explosions, get yourself a good pint of English Beer, or maybe a cup of tea, and settle in with Inspector Morse and/or Inspector Lewis of the Thames Valley Police.


Troll said...

I predict you will avoid blog-jynx this week! Grrrehrhahhahahahahaa.

moi said...

A friend of mine is a huge fan of this series and has been urging me for some time to get the DVDs. But I gotta get caught up with Mad Men first. Thanks for the confirmation, though, and happy MCW!

Buzz Kill said...

There have been several movie entries this week that I have not seen or even heard of before. Inspector Morse is one of them. Thanks for broadening my detective story knowledge.

Happy MCW!

K9 said...

This sounds great! Ive never seen it listed but I only watch TV for a few shows. Maybe PBS runs their shows on the internets.

Happy MCW!

Boxer said...

One more to add to my growing list.

Happy MCW!

Milk River Madman said...

This looks like a good program. As long as it doesn't air opposite "Human Target" I may give it a watch. This does remind me of something I've been meaning to say in a random thoughts and that is this, the Brits have great TV programs. It's almost like they invented it.