Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Movie Clip Wednesday.

I’ll be short and sweet.  Busy.  Crazy Busy.  Still semi- respiratory sickie too.  My red eyes are scaring people.  Doctor in my near future, I’m sure. 

Meanwhile, the most overrated movie?  This one.  I hated it.  Except for Holly Hunter.  Just didn’t get it.  Didn’t think it was funny or quirky.  Just stupid.  The songis cool, but that’s about it.  Who’s with me?



Milk River Madman said...

Never saw this. Shocking I know. Most people I know either loved or hated it. No middle ground. Happy MCW.

moi said...
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moi said...

Oh, no, seriously? You and I will just have to agree to disagree on this one. Loved. It. The soundtrack is awesome, too.

Happy MCW anyway!

Boxer said...

awwww, really? I liked it. Weird and quirky and I loved the lighting. Not the best Coen Brothers movie, but still good.

Buzz Kill said...

I will also have to disagree here. I even think it's underrated. The dialogue in this movie is excellent.

Tommy Johnson: I had to be up at that there crossroads last midnight, to sell my soul to the devil.
Ulysses Everett McGill: Well, ain't it a small world, spiritually speaking. Pete and Delmar just been baptized and saved. I guess I'm the only one that remains unaffiliated.

Happy MCW!

Troll said...

Thus far, the only MCW movie I've seen is "Scarface".

Was, "I'll Fly Away" on the soundtrack. Gillian Welch and Alison Krause?

Pam said...

MRM: Obviously I'm in the latter crowd.

Moi: We can agree to disagree! Might be one of those that you have to be in a certain frame of mind to see, but nah, I've seen enough of it ...

Boxie: Disagreement noted and not judged!

Buzzy: All I have to do to hear such conversation is walk into the hallway where I work and/or pick up the telephone to answer a call. This isn't dialogue in these here parts. It is normal conversation.

Trolly: I don't know about the soundtrack, but Moi might be able to answer. However, anything Alison Kraus sings is magic.

moi said...

@ Troll: Yes. Plus, a great rendition of "Didn't Leave Nothing But the Baby" with the aforementioned gals plus Emmy Lou. You should buy the soundtrack. It's good.

Aunty Belle said...

Mercy! Missed it entirely.

Usually the Coen Brothers do alright..but I does think that after Fargo, they tried to put a bit Fargo into other shoots, but it doan translate well.

But this to BuzzK

"This isn't dialogue in these here parts. It is normal conversation."

is mah favorite MCW comment this week!

Hope ya feel better soon!

K9 said...

i liked this. its funny and it looks good. the soundtrack of course is supreme. I'll take this and you can have the EP. grrrrrhahahahaha

feel better soon!