Saturday, December 11, 2010

Saturday Night Feeeeeever

Nope, not sick.  Just rockin’ out to some music while I process some photos and needed a break.  So here’s some randomness needing to come out of my brain through my fingertips …

Has anyone out there in Blogworld had Lasik?  I was thinking about it and went a few years ago to see if I was a candidate.  Got a bit freaky about it and chickened out.   I was a candidate at that time.  Now, am not so sure.  May have to go another route.  Second opinions soon.  Argh!

Finally feeling a bit more caught up on life in general.  Don’t know about you, but when I get piled on with work and things to do, I just can’t put it aside in my brain until something gets tackled.  Work is piled high at the office and at home.  So this has been the weekend for organizing the personal life a bit.  Got a few Christmas pressies wrapped and so boxes aren’t just sitting out on the dining table … put all the junk back in the closet that had been scattered through the house while the holiday decorating (such as it is ) was being done ….  laundry – got it caught up, except for that load in the dryer waiting on me right now …. tomorrow will be top to bottom house cleaning and then I think will be able to finally relax and enjoy the season.

Also, down to my last two photo jobs before Christmas.  Last night was taking pics for one of Kymmie’s college friend’s office Christmas Party.  This lady is a stunner … and was a willing early victim supporter of my photo-taking.

Ran into a old good friend and former co-worker who was attending the party as a guest.  Don’t you love when that happens?  We aren’t able to go to her annual party this year either, so was good to see her.  Also saw one or two other people who remembered me taking pics at the same party last year.  One lady told me we had been talking about boots and where to buy my particular pair. 


Today was out taking pics for a family … and they happen to have one of the most beautiful little girls ever. 

We are still sorting out what to do when over the holidays, but am looking forward to a few days at home doing not much whatsoever.

But now … I have the evening to myself so I think I will go click over to pay-per-view and indulge in a little Eat, Pray, Love.  Haven’t seen that movie yet, so tonight might be the night.

And thanks to everyone who has taken my Babygirl under their wing … am very proud of that girl and the woman she has become.  

Oh, and a special note to Troll.  Hmmm, there are quite a few who wouldn’t mind if Bobby went elsewhere.  Some would go into mourning.  He doesn’t deliver on the national championship, so he’s expendable to a point.  Meanwhile, if he goes to your part of the world, you guys better start building a big house for him.  The man knows how to live.  Here’s a pic of the home he’s building right now that has been circulating in e-mail world.  I wonder if the university is building it for him and the next coach would move right in?  Hmm.



Aunty Belle said...

no lasik, impressed wif' yore discipline to git chores knocked out, adorable li'l girl in that photo...

as fer yore coach an Troll? Whoa now--UF doan build no houses like that at the swamp.

HAve a great weekend, Pam.

moi said...

No experience with Lasik in myself or anyone I know.

But that house? Yeesh. Proof positive once again that all that money don't necessarily buy some taste.

Troll said...

The funny thing is I got the news about the Gator's REAL coaching hire from Kym!

Glad to be rid of Urban Meyer. Don't know anything about the new guy. I hope he fires ALL of Meyer's yes-man assistants.

Boxer said...

ugh, another "McMansion" I'm sure his family of FOUR will find space to live.

I love your rambling posts, it makes me feel like we're all sitting around with cups of tea/coffee.

I don't wear glasses, so no lasik but both my brother's had it done a few years when it was all the rage. It doesn't last forever; my younger brother is wearing glasses again, but for a different reason. Kinda weird.

Buzz Kill said...

The Mrs had lasik about 15 years ago when it was still new. The best thing she ever did - besides marrying me of course. Her vision was around 20/300 since birth. Immediately after her vision was 20/30 and no more glasses or contacts. She uses mild reading glasses now because of aging, but she felt it was well worth the $5K. At the time, it wasn't covered by insurance (I don't know if it is now).

Pam said...

Aunty: Chores! Chores! It is my life right now.

Moi: The man has more money than God, so he can build as big a nouveaux riche house as he wants!

Trolly: That Kym is usually on target with her football. I think she gets that gene from my side of the family.

Boxie: McMansion wouldn't be quite right ... I thought those were all size and no quality? Maybe I have the term wrong. I'm sure this house would make Liberace proud.

Buzzy: I'll do a post about my recent free exam. Hmmmm. I think it would be money well spent also IF a good result was possible.

K9 said...

that is a beautiful child! you are taking such stellar photos! dreadful house. errrgh has nothing been learned? i know once person who had lasik and they are very happy. i dont know what it was they corrected though. enjoy the bizzy cause january is dull.