Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Slideshow Testing

Some pics from shoot #2 from this past weekend.  Thought I'd run a test to see how this slide show service works.  You can create a free slideshow at Slide and post straight to Facebook.  Blogger, of course, has an extra step or two.  But appears to be working.

Baby Avery.  At Christmas-time.


Boxer said...

Baby Avery is going to have some very nice photos to look at when she's older and you'll be the reason she has them.


Aunty Belle said...

Wow--I needs ter figger out how to do this--I doan face no b ooks, so must make do wif blogger.

Left a message on Kym's blog about her update / due date. But I does have a modest proposal fer ya', Grand-Pam: If that wee chile is anything close to has snappy cute as Kymmie is, I would be happy to adopt it--jes' sayin', I'se available. ( heh)

Seriously? Thrilled for you, PamOKC! How wonderful to have yore babies (grown and new) live near by.

Troll said...

There are rumors afoot that Bob Stoops might leave Oklahoma and take on the challenge of coaching BIG TIME college football.