Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Ball Report

Yep, there we were.  Schmoozing like we knew what we were doing.  The Inauguration Ball.

My old boss had an extra set of tickets since someone from his table couldn’t make it. 


So, at 1PMish on the day “of” … found out we were going to the Ball and needed to be dressed and arrived on location before 6:30 p.m.  In formal attire.  Or best we could do.  What what what?  I don’t think so!  But, we pulled it off, just about.


The dessert was heavenly.


Random Table decoration in the main ballroom.


The new Gov looks lovely in red.


First class entertainment courtesy of 2011 Rock and Roll Hall-of-Fame inductee LEON RUSSELL !!!!   And while I was up front taking pics of Leon … guess what happened.  I look around behind me and it was this:


That British Guy “Mr Bean’s” himself into a photo opportunity.  I’m sure we all remember his fascination with the lady in red.


Work Friend Kathy has a son with an assortment of bowties, so the black suit from Kymmie’s wedding was jazzed up just a bit.


Not that I can throw stones about what anyone wore … because the closest I could come to formal attire in less than two hours was the “Mother of the Bride” dress from Kymmie’s wedding two years ago  ….

Rushed home from work, stopping for eyebrow wax on the way and to CVS for a fresh pair of sheer pantyhose ….. got home, pulled out the little steamer contraption and got to steaming for about 20 minutes.  Disaster almost struck with the shoe selection.  Well it did strike, really.  The shoes I wore to the wedding were sandals with bare legs and nice pedicure (wedding).  Same shoes with sheer hose, not as good a look.  Plus a lot less puffiness two years later, so they were about to slip off my feet.  No other options, but did take a pair of black heels in a separate bag in case of emergency.  I’m sure MOI would have had the perfect pair for me …

So, for my assignment ala Barky Dog, a Project Runway critique … uh, too much movement, too many crowds, no subtle way to photograph people, but I do have several of the back of dresses for said reasons.  Let’s have a look, shall we?

It was like PROM for grown-ups!


Too prom-my above.


Distinguished local author and wife, very appropriately dressed.


Loved this one, and that color wasn’t quite black either … dark dark eggplant.


This lady above forgot that it wasn’t her own wedding.  Actually, in addition to her, there were two others who forgot that it wasn’t their own wedding.  Plus one who showed up in a bright yellow dress and one in bright orange.  Wish I had the pics, you wouldn’t believe it.


I loved both of these above .. grayish/silver on both, age appropriate, both well done.


Random crowd scene – not many short dresses.  Several, well many, of the one-shoulder variety.


Again, too prom-my.  I have opinions about some of the people who attended also.  Not the right place to ask.  But if anyone wants my real opinion of certain people, just e-mail.  I’m glad to discuss!


I totally did a screen capture on the official photog’s site (don’t tell on me)… here’s my dress.  It had been full length, but had it shortened to tea length for the wedding.  It is the best I could do on short notice. 

Signing off for now,

Cinderella at the Ball


Brit Gal Sarah said...

Oooh I saw that dessert on the news and thought yummy! Love the room it was held in too, just gorgeous. Agree on the prom dresses and omg on the old bride!! Love JH and his MF fixation, just cracks me up. And I almsot posted on here before the event where the mother of the bride dress, it was fabulous and I bet you looked gorgeous (and age appro).

Brit Gal Sarah said...


Pam said...

Sarah, it was the Cowboy Hall and the MOTB option was the only one available ... and now I'm thinking a woman just really should invest in a great dress just in case an event like this turns up. Now, the old boss's wife had the thing down perfect ... black pants with sweater for the day event; slipped off sweater and added sparkly jacket for the night event.

Loz said...

For a second there I thought your new Gov was Leon Russell - now that would be cool

Troll said...

Was that Frank Keating next to the "Lady-in-Red"? Smart, sensible guy IMHO.

Pam said...

Loz, Leon is one of our "favorite sons" ... he is the coolest of the cool and if I had thought about it in time, would have dug out my album circa 1974 and had him autograph it!

Trolly: Yep, that would be Frank Keating and his wife in blue. The official photographer just after this moment took a pic of New Gov, her husband, Gov Keating, Mrs. Keating ...and just to the side.... MYHUSBAND

K9 said...

Im glad you went! and look how stealthily you shot the pix. very prommy. Im so tired of these one shoulder dresses. and that white wedding gown! eeeeek. How cool is it to have Leon Russell! up on a tightrope! I thought your dress looked good -i like that champagne color very much.

Buzz Kill said...

That is one hot looking governor you have there. This is our governor. A heart attack waiting to happen.

Boxer said...

Great post and I'm glad you went. I'm impressed with your priorities.. eye brows waxed! Good woman. LOVE the pictures of the dresses. What a wide variety. I love the eggplant/black one too and I'm never a fan of anyone over 18 wearing anything that closely resembles PROM! Booo.

Lastly... LEON? Love him.

Boxer said...

Important safety tip.. DON'T CLICK on Buzz's link. Bwahahahhahaah

Pam said...

K9 -- I think that is the one song he did not sing. He did a great set of Rolling STones songs; Delta Lady; Song for You (which I have on video/audio) ... it was fantastic. There were at least 3 others there that had something similar to mine, in the floor length version, and one being one of the elected ladies.

Buzzy: Don't you start now too! You wouldn't be the first guy to fall under her spell, I guess. Anyway, everyone is loving your gov from what I understand! Except unless of course you belong to a teacher's union.

Boxie: The brows were a must ... if I didn't have time for anything else, that must be done! Eggplant dress was just about my fave of the evening. Have been surfing through the website of official party pics, and oh yes, my PR gals would love to have a look. In fact, I might send you guys a link ;)

moi said...

How much do I love the fact that you get invited to the Governor's inauguration ball and you use it as an opportunity to snap stealh photos of the fashions? Thiiiiiiiiiis much.

The hub's red bow tie? Totally stylin'. And your gown looks very pretty—I especially like the lace at the arms. I'm a huge fan of lace.

I agree with your assessments on the prom-ey gowns and the total NOT OKAY-ness of wearing white to a formal evening event in the winter. I think I broke out in a rash just looking at that gal's dress. Eggplant gown, though? Love.

Pam said...

Moi: In looking at this pic of my dress, I can assure you that I do have a waist despite the fact that it does not seem to appear in the photo. The eggplant as my fave of the evening, which is why I tried to catch it. No, I take that back. My fave of the evening was a sort of low-key bohemian strapless maxi type dress .. hard to explain but I loved it. Wish I had a pic of THAT one.

Aunty Belle said...

how utterly cool is this????

Yay PamOKC!

Ya do a greaat Project Runway commentary. Hehehehe

Awesome, really.