Saturday, January 01, 2011

Dogs of New Year

It was a fun NYE party at the home of some friends.  Who have the three most wonderful dogs ever.

Here’s Rex.



Kilo makes me change my mind about Pit Bulls.   His coat looks like Braum’s Fudge Ripple Ice Cream.


Kilo with DUKE.  Best dog name EVER.




This guy - Born in the Year of the Dog.   And spent his evening explaining everything Royal to people who just wanted to hear him talk.  Bless him!


Came home to Sterling Cat, who was not amused.


One dog was missing from the party.  But it wasn’t Sleaze Dog or Hor-Hound.  The puppy didn’t make it this year.  Ya’ll just have to guess who is who.



Buzz Kill said...

Kilo is definitely an unusual looking dog. That first picture of him on the couch looks like a painting.

Happy New Year!

Boxer said...

Great photos! Look at those faces. AWWWWWWW. I love Pits - their faces are so expressive.

Buzz is right, the one on the couch looks like a painting.

Happy New Year!

moi said...

Well, you know I'M going to be a blubbering, baby-talking idiot at the sight of those three dawgs. Kilo's magnificent looking and Duke reminds me of Ivan. So cute!

chickory said...

LOL! sterling has the same look on his face that Trout does when i put a costume on her. SHOCK

beautiful dogs! and very nice photographs.

Pam said...

Buzzy: Kilo was evidently a stray that wandered into their lives. I love that pic of him on the sofa.

Boxie: These dogs were the BEST. Big dogs, though. Big dogs. BIG dogs. BIG DOGS.

Moi: I thought of you actually when told that Kilo was originally a stray .. don't you rescue Pit Bulls? This was the nicest dog I've been around since Hammy.

Chickie: Sterling always looks like he has been caught in the act. Which he usually HAS.