Sunday, January 23, 2011

On my mind today … swine flu

john and lambert 001x

A friend of ours in the UK … well, a very long-time friend of John’s, also named John … his wife is in a very bad way.  She came down with swine flu around Christmas time and has been in the hospital in ICU for weeks now.  Things are very dire.  So while you are saying your prayers today, put in a good word for Samantha, please, if you are the praying kind.  And maybe a word or two for strength for the family.  She’s a mom to three and two aren’t grown yet.  Miracle needed, prayers appreciated.


fishy said...

So wonderful of you Pam,
to ask us all to pray for a miracle. It speaks so strongly of your belief in them. I will add prayers for your friends. Peace be with you.

Boxer said...

Oh Pam I am so sorry. Yes! they are all in my prayers and I hope the future is bright for them. It's hard to understand why the good are tested. You are a good friend. To us all.


moi said...

So sorry to hear about this. You and yours are always in my thoughts, and I'll extend them out a bit further today. Hope to hear good news of a road to recovery soon.