Thursday, January 06, 2011

Random Thoughts for 2011 … So Far


1.   Busy desk.

2.  Busy year.

3.  Busy telephones.  But I now have a system.  It involves voice mail.

4.  Little Dixie?  She’s a little different, that’s for sure.  My life hasn’t been the same since she came into it.  And she comes with lots of friends.  Maybe I’ll get to write about it at some point.  But I’m learning lots of new phrase-ology.  Oh how I wish I could share.  You have no idea.

5.  The grandbaby.  Things progressing just fine.  Probably another month or so before any ultrasounds to determine gender.  Need to schedule some mom/Kym time soon.

6.  Respiratory infections.  I hate them.  Am on round three of antibiotics and this time with a packet of steroids to boot.  Just want to feel good.  Don’t feel bad any more.  Just don’t feel good!  But getting there!

7.  Swearing-in day is on Monday.  With big drop in temperatures.  So if anyone ever said that it would be a cold day in hell before a woman was elected Governor of Oklahoma, well, they might be right!  Not sure if I’m going to brave the cold to go watch.

8.  Baby showers are already being discussed!

9.  The green lights controversy in the NY Eve photos has been solved.  Dissected, analyzed, researched, and yes, I do believe, solved.  I think my camera lens was reflecting lights back into the room and then the camera took pics of those reflected lights.  Sister Carole thinks they were glowing jellyfish.  But this guy said someone thought it must have been his mom with him for his birthday, so I accept that explanation also.  I wonder if his mom drank Southern Comfort?


10.  Sterling Cat.  Is awful.  How can a “being” so sweet and goofy be such a mean guy?  He has a lot of new nicknames.  Bruiser Boy.  Laser-Lock Boy.  The Brewster.  Stalker Boy.   While the Sally-chasing has calmed down considerably, it is intense when it happens.  The best thing is to keep them out of sight of each other.  Because if she moves, and he sees it, instant Tiger-on-the-Prowl.  It is instant “Sylvester and Tweety.”  It is instant “Sylvester and the Kangaroo.”  No wait.  It is most definitely an instant “Pepe Le Pew and Little Girl Cat”.  She’s so Sally.  He’s so Sterling.  This makes me laugh.  Out loud.

11.  My home office.  Needs some work.  Cabinets cleaned, files organized.  Lost documents found and put away correctly. Shredding.  I hate shredding.  I hate thieves who have made shredding a necessity in this life.  Adding to my to do list for sure.  Don’t feel organized unless all that underlying stuff is organized.  Must get this done.

12.  Future yard sale?  Bother with it or straight to Goodwill with the merchandise?  Anything over $10 put on Craigslist?  Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking.  Makes me tired just thinking about it.

13.  Turbo Tax arrived.  Grrrrrr.  Had thought of going to someone else to do taxes this year instead of me myself and I.   More stuff to pull together.  Le sigh.

14.  Thoughts on this year so far?  Busy.  No real let up in sight for a while.  Don’t be surprised if I’m a little more rare in the visits to everyone’s pages for the next couple of months.  Still getting my rhythm down for how to get things done.


carmar76 said...

haha! pepe le pew! and yes, this year has been BUSY all around so far! crazy, even!! glad you solved the light mystery!! : )

moi said...

We swore Susanna Martinez in on Sunday. Now that you mention it, it WAS a cold day :o) Now, let's see what she can do to whip our mess into shape. Maybe sic her on Sterling, too?

Buzz Kill said...

9. I think you got it right although I'd still like to think it's poltergeists.

12. The Mrs and I have been using Craig's list more and more. You're still interacting with strangers but not at your home. Small stuff we sell we meet in a parking lot. The even smaller stuff we donate or toss. Yard sales are just too much of a hassle. People show up at 6:00AM on Saturday mornings!

13. We gave up on turbo tax years ago. We have some complex wage tax stuff. It's worth it (to us) to pay a professional a few hundred to have peace of mind and it's even more important now that The Boy will (hopefully) be going to college this year.

14. So far this year has been - the same mind-numbing rut it was last year.

Aunty Belle said...

Loved Beau Pepe!! Best laugh I'se had in two weeks!

Mercy, PamOKC, youse much too busy--get an assistant. howl--I know I know> : )

Better be savin' time fer little Kymmie when it comes.

Boxer said...

I've been have the same conversation with my business partner for over a year; what to do with our personal and professional things that have "value"?? Garage sale? ebay? Craigslist? Or do we just give up and give them to Goodwill, because that would the most efficient thing to do. The idea of standing around for an entire day (or two) while people pick through my things is not appealing. But then again, some of these things are valuable.... *sigh* we go around around. I'm glad you're busy, but also know that's always a good thing.

I hope you're having a good weekend.

Kymical Reactions said...

Your grandbaby tracker is 2 days behind. ;)

My tracker thing says baby is as big as a naval orange this week. :)

K9 said...

ha! I LOVE to shred. I adore shredding. its so satisfying. ahhhh

Im lucky that i get to tag along with "the company" so a professional does my taxes. i think my section takes him about 8 minutes. grherha

pepe le pew used to make me very upset as a young girl. relentless - that poor cat would be running away from him so fast carpets folded behind her. and he never tired. just pronging along on lust fuel.

happy 2011 so far

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