Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday and a little rambling


Sorry for another pic of Leon Russell, but I was playing with the cropping on this because I love love loved the cowboy hat shadow cast by the spotlight.  So you guys have to just go along with me.

Went maternity shopping with the Kymster yesterday.  Hit every aisle at a local Super-Target and then the Baby Depot for window shopping.  She needed to pick up a few work clothes and shoes.  She is feeling much better and everyone is getting excited about The Baby.  They are ***discussing*** names but won’t decide anything until they know for sure what they are having. 

Have decided that my big gift will be some custom baby bedding.  Know of someone who does this sort of thing, so will probably support my local thread-artist when the time is right and colors decided.

So, should we have a VIRTUAL BABY SHOWER when it gets closer to due date?  Hmmmm, see what the virtual new year’s eve party did to the imagination?

Assistance finally arrived at work and my extra assignment has wound up for the time being but to be re-continued later ….  Busy/crazy season is looming; however, it can’t be any crazier or busier than lately.  Bring it on!

Am sitting here listening to “In The End” by Linkin Park.  Don’t know why I love that song like I do … just speaks to me.

Do any of you crafty bloggers out there need some silvery/champagne color card stock?  I have a whole ream of it, plus some, left over from someone’s wedding a couple of years ago and hate to see it go to waste.  It takes a laser printer to burn the ink into the card stock, but someone might have other use for the paper.  Am willing to ship it out to anyone who could use it.  Oooh!  Just thought of this.  Maybe I should offer it to the girl at work who is getting married soon.  Doesn’t mean she will take it, but think I will offer it.  They are on a budget so might be helpful.  I offered to do engagement pics for them as a gift and I think they are going to take me up on it.

Found this cardstock while cleaning out a cabinet in my office that the cats have decided needed re-designing. 

Meaning, Lewis Cat (and his henchman Sterling) had opened the door to this cabinet (see THIS CABINET below) and started pulling out purses, files, anything they could get their claws into.  And all that stayed in a pile in the floor for a few weeks while things had been so busy in my life.  Today was the day to tidy it up again. 


Two bags of trash later, am feeling better about the under-clutter in this room.  One more cabinet to go through and then a thorough clean and dust.  Love that dark wood, but the dust does show.  And yes, I know those shelves need decorating assistance.

Lewis Cat, on the other hand, has decided that ALL of the cabinets in the house need opening.  Oh, and he has decided that scaling the new neighbor’s fence is a priority in his life.  Hope to catch video of that soon.

Monday is a holiday (yippee!) and might even add my furlough day on Tuesday, and have myself a good four-day weekend.  Yeah, that’s the ticket.




Brit Gal Sarah said...

LMAO about Lewis, you need to google cat safety locks my friend!

Troll said...

Troll if it's a boy. Trolletta if it's a girl.

Aunty Belle said...

HAHAHA ,Troll.

YES! Let's have a virtual shower--whoo hoo!

moi said...

A virtual shower sounds like fun. I don't know nuthin' 'bout birthin' no babies, but I'm an excellent gift giver.

Karl said...

Good evening Pam,

Hope you enjoyed your four day weekend.

As far as gifts for a baby shower I would suggest This next to mother's milk it's one of the best gifts a child can receive.