Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ten Random Miscellaneoui


So, just what is the term for plural miscellaneous anyway?

1.  I sorta won the Haiku Monday, but overly borrowed a line from Woody Guthrie’s song (Oklahoma Hills), so am sharing with Karl.  Which is super-cool because I get to pick next week’s theme and also be the judge!  I’ve never judged before!  I feel like Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul all rolled into one!  Smile  Meanwhile, my advisor/consultant tells me the theme should be: 


And Troll says that this next week’s winner will receive an additional prize!

2.  Was going through my Blogger Dashboard (which I always forget to do) and saw this post for 21 home remedies for migraines.  Since I know a few who suffer, thought I’d pass it along.

3.  I am taking credit for a momentous improvement in our working environment.  About a year or so ago, the powers-that-be decided that if “they” unscrewed the lightbulbs in every other light fixture in the main hallway (and I do mean MAIN HALLWAY), that it would save a bunch of money but everyone would still be able to see well enough to navigate.  Well, when I tell you that this particular hallway is a happening kind of place, believe me, and having every-other light fixture hanging there, all dark and depressing, was just maddening.  So asked someone well placed to ask such questions if he would indeed inquire as to having the lights turned back on … and so he did.  With great success too, I might add.  Because I think they even turned up the wattage.  Now it is a brightly lit hallway, visitors can see some very popular works of art without having to use the flashlight on their key-rings, and am hopeful that having these two lights working again won’t break the state budget.  But I could be wrong about that.

4.  To my friend Bev who reads this blog on occasion:  Saw Susan/Diane on Tuesday ~ it was Diane’s LAST DAY at work.  She is officially joining the ranks of the retired; not that SHE is retired, but her husband is, so she is now a lady of leisure.  Not that she has ever rested a day in her life.  She is/was one of those who got up at 5AM, ran 50 miles (okay, I exaggerate some), worked an 8-9 hour day, went to school for another 4-5 hours (and once she graduated, returned to teach the class as an adjunct) … etc.  Susan was gorgeous as always and was actually leaving for Houston the next day.  Hmmmm.

5.  Tonight was a meet-up with best old besties, KJ and Jamie, for a late Christmas/Jamie birthday get-together.  I had Diet Coke.  Because …

6.  Tomorrow is blood work at the new doc’s office to see if I’m still human.

7.  The catch-up plan at work is almost complete … Finally see light at the end of my tunnel.  Probably lit from those new hallway fixtures mentioned in #3 above.

8.  Our friend’s wife is still hanging on over in the UK.  Heroic measures being taken.  If “will” can make a person pull through an event like this, our friend is giving ALL of his will to her.  And I do know this position he is in, having to watch his beloved on life support and witnessing and being told all sorts of awful scenarios.  God bless them all.

9.  Did everyone see the Chickory version of our Sterling Cat over on her blog?  He is adorable!  Chickie absolutely caught his personality – a happy-with-himself goofy guy who is on his way somewhere, but he doesn’t know where, but he is happy to be on the way to where-ever it is that he is going.  Chickie has generously offered this adorable painting to Kymmie for the baby’s room.  And speaking of my girl:

10.  Can’t wait for Kymmie to get the ultrasound …. you know what I mean!


chickory said...

not only is a dark hall maddening, but its a recipe for being depressed at work. I swear, whenever there are budget cuts its always on the quality of life at the ground level if you know what i mean. example:

the bankers and hedgers have looted all the money in a massive ponzi scheme. now all yall gotta pay more taxes, have inflation, and high unemployment to make up for it. sorry!

I wish you a good result today on your blood test. I will be thinking about that today as well as your friend in the UK.

thanks for all your well wishes for me and my mom; it is much appreciated. xo

moi said...

Chickory's Sterling is so cute, it could make ME consider having a baby!

Good luck on your blood work. I hope it's not too late in the morning so you don't have to walk around like a grump from lack of sustenance and caffeine.

Karl said...

Good evening Pam,

Happy to share with you and I'm glad you're judging and not me.

I don't know what type of light fixtures you have in the hall. But if they will accept LED bulbs not only can you have plenty of light they last 10 times longer than fluorescent bulbs, have no mercury and use considerably less electricity. You could be the hero of the Statehouse.

All the best with your blood work.

I too am pulling for your friend.

Boxer said...

I love your Chickory Sterling!He's very handsome. I also hope your blood work only tells you things are all good as well as with Kym... but that should tell us ALL something very important? Can't wait!

You and I need to chat about Idol.... once it gets past Hollywood week, how do you feel about Hosting a weekly forum? Too much? Would you want me to do it? Let me know. xoxo.

moi said...

Idol, Idol, Idol, Idol, Idol! If you gals don't want to do it, consider me back up.

Pam said...

Chicky: You are SO right about the dark hall being depressing and with the other assessment about how we live after the people in power mess things up. Hope all is going well with your mom, I know it is hard. Be strong, be strong, be strong.

Moi: Oh yes, grumpster is me if that blood sugar doesn't get a fix ... but I was out by 10AM and not into a full rage thank goodness.

Karl: I think the LED bulbs is what they did ... I should take a pic and do a post, eh?

Boxie: I may have to commission Chickie to do a similar Sterling pic for me. I can't tell you how much we love that piece ... and it might even be changing the ideas someone has for nursery colors ... ;)

Boxie and Moi: Two volunteers to do an Idol re-cap? You don't know how glad I am to know that others share this same strange addiction. I tried in vain to stay away this year. I'm glad to do it or glad to pass it on if someone else wants to do a re-cap ... let's discuss!

Boxer said...

Chickory has agreed to do a few pieces for me for upcoming birthdays and I'm super happy.