Saturday, February 26, 2011



Today was spent at a very special birthday party … we go usually every year, and this event is getting more special every go-round.  This sweet cake above was in honor of this sweet lady below, my granny’s sister.


My Great-Aunt turned 96.  Still living at home with her younger husband, Luther.  Am sure I have blogged about them before, but anyway, this is how we spent the better part of our afternoon.  Saw several relatives of the once-a-year variety.


One of my favorite cousins and his newest grandson.  And now I owe him lunch for some reason.  Like he bought mine recently or sumthin’.

The cake was delish … must find out where they ordered from.  Note to self about that.

Then, curry night with the husband and oh, one other thing happened today …

I purchased the mini-crib for Grammy’s house!  Craigslist bargain.  I had to invest.  Grammy will be ready for this bebe.



Troll said...

Wow! You have longevity genes on your side. She looks darned good.

Milk River Madman said...

96 and doing great. Good for her. Imagine all that she has seen. Like the crib as well.