Sunday, February 06, 2011

An Eventful Weekend

It didn’t start off that way… eventful, that is.  Was going to be a peaceful, easy weekend gearing up for crazy season at work.  Super Bowl / Puppy Bowl / Pizza Beer.   Ahem.  Ahem.  Cough.  Cough.  WRONG!

Just bozing around on Saturday afternoon.  And then, the husband heard dripping noises.  Coming from inside the house.  Look around and sees water dripping from ceiling in entry way.  Dripping down light fixture and onto the tile floor.  Uhoh, sheetrock wet.  Better go investigate!


Goes upstairs to attic.  Arrives at scene of water dripping.  Which was really a pile of SNOW, inside the attic space, that had blown in somehow during the high winds of the blizzard.   Comes back downstairs for a large trash bin to collect said snow.  Don’t believe me?  Here’s how deep it was IN THE ATTIC.  Which was now melting, and dripping through the sheetrock.


However, on the way there with said trash bin …  has to navigate to that area of the attic where there is no flooring, just rafters covered in insulation material.  Uh oh!  Makes a mis-step!  Almost comes through ceiling!  I hear loud bang and arrive just in time to see most of a leg retreating into a ceiling cavity that wasn’t there one minute previously! 


Insurance company called to see if there is a claim for roof damage or water damage. Good news, adjuster calls Sunday morning and says he can come out right away.  We thought it would be Tuesday.   Bad news:   No claim.  Even if there was, it wouldn’t meet the deductible.

It’s always something… if it isn’t one thing, it’s another (like my mama always said) …

Meanwhile, the kids went out to play.



SALLY CAT 2011-02-2



moi said...

It's always something with home ownership, isn't it? There are days when I SO miss just being a tenant. Well, I'll raise a glass to you in shared misery. Our pool heater failed during snowpocalpyse and now, oy. I don't even want to think about it . . . The maintenance dude is coming this afternoon to assess the damage.

Boxer said...

Back in October I was visiting a friend before I met up for the Blog Summit. BIG rain storm that night and a worker had not secured the tarp on the roof after work had been done. What happens? Leaking roof, my friend's husband is up in the rafters walking around and KABOOM his leg (and massive junk) came crashing into the guest room (me) around 2:00 a.m.

Water and sheet rock? Yah, not big friends, sorry for your mess.

carmar76 said...

oh goodness! that sucks, but you wrote about the whole experience beautifully. : )

fishy said...

By what path can snow blow into your attic space??????

Pam said...

Moi: Always something. I sympathize on the cement pond. Most days I miss having one of those things still ... until I hear a story like yours ;)

Boxie: Massive junk? Was he not wearing any undies??? Now THAT would be a sight to see crashing through your roof!

Carmy: Thanks missy. Where have you been? WHy can't I get on your page?

Fishy: The consensus of opinion is that one itsy tiny gap between where roof joins wall multiplied by the 30-50 mph sustained winds at the exact same time massive snow was coming down and blowing around ... that's how! Attic gap now caulked; sheetrock repaired; all just in time for tonight's storm that is rocking in!