Wednesday, February 02, 2011

MOVIE CLIP WEDNESDAY and Groundhog Day 2011

Ooops!  Totally forgot it was Movie Clip Wednesday – and British Comedies at that!  Could have gone with the obvious – Pink Panther, Fish Called Wanda, etc., but chose this one because we really enjoyed it – one of those movies you catch by accident.  In fact, we should go rent it again just “because”.

Shirley Valentine

Going a little middle-aged crazy with her predictable life, Shirley heads out to Greece for a little adventure.  I love movies where the main character does those little “asides” to the camera.  Yes, definitely, watching this clip makes me want to see this movie again.  

Now back to original post:

Thanks everyone for the notes about staying safe, warm and dry during this crazy blizzard.  I know others are still going through it and my thoughts are with you all. Yesterday was awful.  Blizzard with straightline 35 MPH winds; with gusts to 50-60.  What would have been 6-12 inches of snow was blown into drifts.  Here’s our back patio this morning:


But if you look past the snow drift, you will see that the yard has been blown clear.  Interesting!  I checked the driveway and no shoveling needed thanks to all that wind.  However, I have no idea what the roads look like because I don’t intend to go out until necessary!  Or work tomorrow, whichever comes first.  I know people are still getting stranded … think I will give the snow plows a chance to do their thing.

The husband was out on a business trip and tried to beat the storm home on Monday night, but all the airports were closed before he could get here.  So he spent a couple of unexpected days in a Pittsburgh hotel.  Hopefully will arrivelater today.

So it has just been me and the Rascal Cats and the Blizzard of 2011.  But we have bright Oklahoma sun today and despite the temps being in the teens, maybe it will all start to melt.  Here’s those rascals this morning:


Sally in her usual protected position under the chair where she can bask in the sunlight somewhat safe from Sterling’s unwanted attention.


Lewis has been standing guard on high alert with every gust of wind.


And Sterling, who is just oblivious to it all.  Except he was almost successful on his own personal mission yesterday.  He had SallyCat cornered in the little hallway that goes to the garage and by the time I got there he had her down and she was on her back, curled into a ball, and paw-slapping his face with all her might.  I know this is nature taking its course, but what is left of the feminist in me just can’t but side with Sally. 

I hope everyone else is safe, warm and dry.  Peace be with you all.


Buzz Kill said...

I was actually thinking about you this morning while watching the national weather. They kept mentioning Oklahoma City as being one of the hard-hit places.

We're finally getting some relief. We got a lot of rain and 40 degree temperatures, so snow that has been on the ground for 3 weeks is starting to melt. our biggest problem today is fog.

For you it looks like it would be a good day to make some soup. Stay warm.

Troll said...

Okies are a tough breed. They have to be to deal with potentially dangerous weather ALL darned year.

Joanna Cake said...

Oh, Pam, Im so glad this one got a pick. I had totally forgotten it but it was a huge success over here and is a must for all women of a certain age... I guess I'd best watch it again to remind me :)

moi said...

I've never seen Shirley Valentine but it looks like fun!

I woke to minus 11 degrees this morning. It is now a comparatively balmy 4. However, I do have to head out at some point and re-snow blow the propertah because 40 mph overnight winds put everything I cleaned yesterday BACK!

Your drift, however, is tres cool. Glad you're warm and safe and I hope your spouse makes it out of Pittsburgh and back home soon!

Karl said...

Good afternoon Pam,

I had to listen to that clip twice to understand her, I think it's something about the pitch of her voice.

Good to see that you were just running late. I was a bit worried that you'd lost power. Like Buzz we were lucky. The storm mixed with a warm front. Once the rain stopped the sun came out and it almost got to 50° I spent the afternoon walking around in shirtsleeves. Shirtsleeves, Shirtsleeves, I tell you, do you know how long it's been. Ahahaha (walks off laughing maniacally and mumbling about winter ending)

Buzz Kill said...

You snuck your clip in after I left my first comment. Just as well, I've never heard of this movie. Karls right about the pitch of her voice. My ears are bleeding.

Happy MCW!

Pam said...

Buzzy: Glad you guys got some relief from the winter weather ... it is TIME!

Troll: We don't get hurricanes. YOu can keep those down in Troll County please.

JoCake: Sweet movie, isn't it!

Moi: Yep, those winds swept my driveway, but am afraid they swept it all to the roadway where I can't get through. How's your snow suit working out? I think we've been at 10 degrees all day. Aren't you at much higher elevation though? Seems like my folks used to always get snowed-in in Albq. Or was that Tucemcari?

Karl: She has a north-of-England accent, which is a bit tougher. I do think men are easier to understand than the women. Shirtsleeves? Evil laugh? Go ahead, rub it in!

Brit Gal Sarah said...

Have you actually made it anywhere yet, I saw on FB about your trials! Did John get home?

Karl said...

Good evening Pam,

Just stopping by to see if you're doing all if right.