Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It’s Biker Breakfast Day!

Oh, yes!  Did this make my heart soar this morning when I turned into the parking lot and saw the Harleys lined up.  Biker Breakfast day!  This is the best group of folks we get out here.  They bring us bananas, bagels and orange juice.   Me Happy.   Their issue?  Helmet laws.  Or lack thereof.




Troll said...

Bet they liven things up. They succeeded in getting rid of Florida's helmet laws.

And to a lot of good stuff for veterans etc... with poker runs and such.

Milk River Madman said...

Doesn't the legislature have anything better to do than worry about helmet laws? Good for the biker dudes to show up with goodies.

Buzz Kill said...

Oklahoma's helmet law at least gives you a choice. In Jersey you will wear a helmet - period.

I use to ride before I met the Mrs and this reminded me of a (then) World record biker run I participated in about 30 years ago. They were trying to set a record for most bikes in a single run. They had over 800 bikes. I was in the middle of the pack with a buddy and when you stood on the pegs, you couldn't see a begining or end. Double file down the Atlantic City Expressway. We all met at a shopping mall and when they signaled to fire up the bikes, the hair on the back of my neck stood up.

Pam said...

Trolly: They are a fave group and support motorcycle safety and other traffic issues.

MRM: I don't actually think helmet laws are an issue this year. But this group wants to make sure it doesn't come up.

Buzzy: I could be "for" helmet laws myself. Hubby has two head injuries in his past ... one with helmet, one without. Wouldn't have been alive for the second without the first. If that made sense. Your record-breaking biker ride sounds awesome.

Boxer said...

First, great back story from Buzz! Helmet laws; why? I wear one when I bike and I would wear one if I drove a motorcycle. Why? because it's smart. But, why do we continue to mandate intelligence? Someone doesn't want to wear a helmet, fine. That's between that person, the family that will potentially be taking care of him when he's paralyzed. However, they should pay more insurance.

Great photo and I love/love these scenes from your life in OKC!

Aunty Belle said...

Sticky issue-- may I be inflammatory?

Why mandate helmet protection but not "protection" for risky sexual behavior? is AIDS any less drainin' on the public insurance purse than head injuries?

Mah question ain't against bikers or swingers: Jes askin', if we get into the gubmint "protection" bidness wif' insurance as the rationale, whar' does we stop? Forced use of unsaturated fats? mandated exercise?

Bikers, bagels and bananas? Pretty good start to the day!

Pam said...

Boxie, I don't know that the issue actually came up this year, but I know it has in the past.

Aunty, so far it is ride at your own risk in this part of the world. Mention the word mandate and people start to bristle. Again, I don't recall hearing that it is an issue this year.

moi said...

"Mention the word mandate and people start to bristle."

A surefire way to spot a big pile of B.S. is when someone tells you something is for your own good, the good of the community, or the good of the children. Then you beat that mandate down with everything you got and make sure it stays down.

Trick is, you then need to defeat any and all laws that don't allow people to take responsibility for the result of doing stuff that is bad for them.

Which is why we've taken the easy way out most of the time and just passed those stupid laws anyway.

Politics. I can ruin your day.