Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lewis Conquers Fence

The new neighbor’s new fence is a source of frustration to Lewis.  It blocks his view from the dining room window.


But it doesn’t stop him from patrolling the perimeter ….

_DSC0072 - Copy

Wait a minute, Lewis, what are you up to?

_DSC0073 - Copy

And there he goes!


Can’t make it one leap, but can dig the claws in and pull himself up.


And he’s over.


And poor Sterling knows he is out of his league; doesn’t even attempt it.


carmar76 said...

oh my heck, that is funny!

chickory said...

c'mom sterling! give it a shot t least. man. neighbors suck dont they?

moi said...

Sterling, of course, is waiting to see if there's any REASON to scale that fence.

Boxer said...

Whow, that kitty has some awesome core strength going on.

Just recently, I decided to keep the gate to the back yard open slightly because our 14 year old kitty was having a harder time getting over the fence, but I credit it with keeping him very fit.