Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Rest in Peace

It has been a sad week around our parts …

Sunday morning learned of the death overnight of work pal JB … one of those really great guys that everyone knows and respects, even from both sides of the aisle.  My office, for four days a week, four months a year, was the parking place for JB’s briefcase, overcoat, umbrella, wife when she came to the office with him, etc.   All of us in my similar job seem to have collected 1-2 folks over the years that use our particular office for storage / resting of feet / copying of documents, that kind of thing.  JB was one of mine.  The whole building, though, is going to miss him.

But if you have to go, his way wasn’t too bad.  Evidently, he’d been asleep in the recliner that evening.  His wife covered him up with the blanket from the sofa and left to go to the store.  When she got back, he had passed on.  Sounds pretty peaceful all things considered.

And here’s a great story about JB and his wife.  After a divorce a few years ago, he somehow reconnected with his prom date from high school and they ended up getting married and having a few wonderful years together before this untimely departure.  They were always just getting back from a cruise or a trip to California or elsewhere.  Here’s a pic I stole off JB’s facebook page of them at their prom,  hope he doesn’t mind.  Dig that crazy tux, eh?

JB 1976

I was supposed to be getting a group of us girls together so he could buy us lunch next week.  Oh, and here’s another scary part.  Exactly my same age. 

The next bad news came today.  Our UK friend’s wife was removed from the life support system where she had been for the last seven weeks while being treated for H1N1 (swine flu).  So sad to have been reading her husband’s Facebook posts for the last few weeks.  It was obvious that she wasn’t getting better, was probably getting worse, how to tell the kids, should the kids visit or not visit, really gut-wrenching stuff.  Samantha didn’t get her miracle, but she fooled the docs for a long while with her up and down response to treatment. 


Here’s the pic he sent out asking for prayers for his lovely wife.  I haven’t asked yet if she had an underlying medical condition.  People keep asking me that and I just don’t know.  Don’t think she did.  Or is it just propaganda that the medical professionals put out that the only people dying from swine flu are the ones with an underlying condition or are elderly?  Harumph. 

The last time I saw her, we were in her daughter’s princess room – very pink and purple and girly – and she said to me that all she ever wanted to grow up to do was be a wife and mum.  And was very happy because that was exactly what she was able to do, be a stay-at-home mom and homemaker.  But she leaves behind three kids, two of which are still very young.

So rest in peace to these friends, JB and Samantha.  Both leaving this earth way too soon. 

And peace to their families who will miss them beyond belief.  It has been a sad week indeed.


chickory said...

Pam, this is awful. and yet we all face it -more so as we age. It doesnt take away the sorrows which are always with us. But you have the memory and the fun tux photos to sustain you. You will rejoice soon in a new edition and the cycle continues on. Im sending you some big love today; and you will be in my prayers. hang in there baby.

Boxer said...

Oh, I am so very sorry. We had a week where we've had some health scares with a family member and I told my Sister we're getting to that age where big stuff begins to happen.

My prayers are for peace to everyone. xoxox.

moi said...

Rough stuff, Pam, and I'm so sorry you're going through it. My condolences to you and yours and I wish you the peace and the strength to deal with these losses.

Buzz Kill said...

With everyone talking about how much longer people are living, it's a real wakeup call when young people (and 50 is young by my standards - as a 50 year old) pass suddenly let alone 2 in one week. JB sounded like such a card and a snappy dresser too. Chin up.

Karl said...

Evening Pam,

My condolences. The loss felt when someone dies young or leaves a young family behind, can be so much more intense than the passing of one who is reached their time. Still there is no other way to deal with it, than to accept and press on.

On a lighter note. Anyone who displayed the intestinal fortitude of publicly showing up in that tuxedo will certainly do well wherever his spirit takes him.

Pam said...

Thanks everyone. I think when you hear of the death of someone you know, it brings back all the ones you have dealt with in your own life. Got to talk to Mrs. Tuxedo briefly today after the at-work service. Maybe one day I will let her know I lifted the pic to post online.

Chickie, thanks so much, I know you are going through some things more difficult.

Boxie: I hope everything turns out well for your family member. Keep us posted. I wouldn't have gotten through my sis's illness without all the support.

Moi: Not me going through it, but I know what it feels like for their families to go through it. Rough stuff. I know you know.

Buzzy: 53 is way WAY too you, but the lady was only in her early 40's. :(

Karl: You are right ... the fact that anyone would wear the tux is alright in my book.

fishy said...

Long distance hugs Pam.
Losing long time friends is very sad.
Peace be with you.