Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday and …. It was a tough job, but someone had to do it …

After two big snow days, record low temperatures, and being huddled under blankets and spending the week bundled up in layers of clothing – even in the house – things are thawing out now. 

We did have another layer of snow come through the roof and into the attic somehow during this week’s weather, so forget the insurance adjuster, we got the builder to recommend his roofing guy, who came out and did some patching up of things.  Hopefully will hold!  If snow is coming in, then that means rain will also, and tornado season is approaching!

A little tidying up around the house this morning and washing piles of laundry that have collected… one thing about our plumbing is that excess water is sprayed about outside via the septic system somehow … so with ground covered in ice/snow, was afraid to do the laundry.  We’re on a quick melt now with temps meant to be in the 50’s today, 60’s tomorrow.  BLISS.


My cousin’s son Scott’s wife Christi put out a note on Facebook for any photographer friends who might do a quick job for her in exchange for a link on a website.  Guess who raised their hand?  Yep, me.  Their friend and co-worker is starting up a public speaking and advisory business and needed headshots for his website that she is building.  So met up with the guy for pics.


Very interesting fellow with a medical and business background and a family / life / religious perspective that is unique as well.  Wish him much success in the new venture. 


Boxer said...

Glad to hear you're defrosting. The pictures I saw on the news were extremely SNOWY. And cold. Brrr. I hate snow and cold.

Nice job on offering to take photos and one reason why Facebook is a great networking place.

Happy Saturday!

moi said...

I'm a Facebook slacker, but I'm glad to see it got you a gig. I like how you posed him, the way his blazer echos the rocks in the background. If I ever need a head shot, I'll holler at you for sure.