Friday, February 04, 2011

Snowmaggedon and a link for Moi


If ever there was a meet-up group for Moi, and possibly a few others here in my blog-world, this is it:

I’m thinking of joining up.  Anyone with me?

Now, back to Snowmaggedon.  It’s been awful.  Cabin fever had set in.  Husband did make it back to town on Wednesday evening, and I got the call to come get him.  The taxis wouldn’t bring him because they were afraid of getting stuck out our way.  Uh, should have listened because, guess what.  I got stuck.  Had to call Kym & hubby to go get husband and then come get me.  And we ended up taking some other people who were stuck near me to where they needed to go.

Here’s a bit about those folks also.  Generation Yo!  We kept asking where to drop them but their heads were on text messaging and not responding.  The guy who came and asked for a ride said it was just he and his buddy.  Well, when they walked over, it was him, his buddy, each of their girlfriends, and two puppies!  Of course, I insisted on holding a puppy and I named it Blizzard.  So, when we dropped them off, it meant coming back to our house in a different way than I had left … so there was another unsuspecting snow drift, and our rescuer’s truck was then stuck.  Oh, it was so not good.  Tow trucks were called.  The ordeal went on for way too long.  But everyone home safe and sound eventually.  And that was when I decided that Thursday was another stay-at-home day.

But back to work today (Friday) and getting ready for the Big Day that starts on Monday.

We’ll be watching the Super Bowl AND the Puppy Bowl (I love that thing) … and eating pizza and drinking beer.  I may have to root for Green Bay.  Haven’t decided yet.  Just have always hated the Steelers.

Tomorrow is hair salon day, and I hope the roads are clear because it is mucho needed-o. 

Happy weekend everyone!


Brit Gal Sarah said...

Bloody hell seems highly appropriate after reading that! Stay warm.

chickory said...

puppy bowl? what is that? sound pretty good to me. Man, an ordeal and a half on the snow. ive been wondering how youve faired. so glad Kym isnt due during winter! good luck getting to the salon. and thanks for all the good energy sent my way for my mom.

moi said...

Looks like a fun group. Will there be cake, do you think?

Sorry to hear about your snowpocalypse travails. It was one majorly sucky storm for sure. We're just now inching into the low twenties as our daily highs. By next week, though; look out! Tropical!

P.S. Hope you make it to the salon because suffering bad weather is one thing; doing it with a messed up 'do is quite another.

Troll said...

I'm severely disappointed to hear that you opted to rescue members of Generation Yo!.

What were you thinking?

Pam said...

Sarah, the usual 20 minute round trip to airport and back now involved one car, one stranger's car, one truck, two tow trucks, and five hours!

Chickie: I posted a link on your page about the puppy bowl. It is on Animal Planet TV and is usually more fun to watch. Lots of prayers for you and Aunty and our friend in the UK. Lots of healing needed.

Moi: They look like a scary group and where they meet is SOOO in the hood that I don't think I could make myself walk in the door of the place, zombies behind me or not!

Troll: We didn't know they were Generation Yo until too late. In fact, the reason I was even on that street is because I saw headlights coming my way so I thought the road was passable. But no, these brain surgeons were sitting there stuck with their lights on instead of their flashers, which might have indicated a degree of distress. I can't wait to hear Kym's side of this story!

carmar76 said...

Puppy Bowl! my friend marty & i were just talking about puppy bowl. : )

glad you all got unstuck. snowmaggedon is crazy - and more snow is supposedly on the way. icky!

Karl said...

Good afternoon Pam,

Sounds like quite the ordeal, glad y'all came out of it safe.

Enjoy your bowls tomorrow.

Aunty Belle said...

CANNOT imagine !

Git on some conveyance an c'mon down heah, PamOKC! I has a spare bed--

An' I have no idea who to ROOT fer in the Superbowl--Uncle is goin' GB, too I think. He ain't so passionate fer pros as he is fer them collich boys.

If ya git bored wif the ball game, I'se tryin' to git a good gab goin' on this EGYPT thang--what it means fer USA, an what about oil?
C'mon over to the Back Porch an tell me what ya think: