Monday, February 28, 2011


K9 is a Team Paul member … me too!  Have been a certified member of Team Paul since 1964.

team paul

Here’s me in 1976 after seeing the WIngs Over America concert in Fort Worth.  Can you believe a boy turned me down for this date?  Grrrrrr.


And a scan from my photo album circa high school, etc.  These are the cards from the Beatles chewing gum … sorta like baseball cards for Beatles fans.  That these survived this long show the treasured place in my heart for all things Paul.

Have seen him twice in concert.

Have visited Liverpool (although we didn’t go to Penny Lane).  Photos somewhere. Must scan.

Have walked the “Beatles Walk” in London.  Saw the pub where Paul met Linda (the “Bag o’Nails”).  (But the art gallery where John met Yoko was for sale.)  Saw the place of the roof top concert on Saville Row.  Forced someone to do all these very touristy things …  like posing on the steps at Abbey Road studios.  (circa 1999)

abbey road



carmar76 said...

Love it!!

moi said...

I was always mostly Team Ringo :o)

I love Wings. I had an original pressing of Venus and Mars (with "Medicine Jar," etc.) and GAVE it to my high school best bud. Who now lives in CA and whenever she emails me once a year or so to touch base, reminds me of this silly fact, and asks, "Sure you don't want it back?" Of course I do, but what can one do about teenage stupidity?

Oh, and:

K9 said...

didnt you have yourself photographed walking across abbey road? grrrhahahaha

Like Moi, i love Wings too. I still crank up "juniors farm" on my ipod. just a great sound the band had. I saw Paul's tour about 3 years ago - had a really bad neck day that day and had to take a cab home so V and our friends didnt have to leave. But what I saw I loved.

also think live and let die is the coolest bond movie song ever -well, maybe right after "you only live twice" which was also recorded by Bjork. but not as well as shirley bassey the original.

i digress.

But some of the greatest beatle songs are a true collaboration between the two. like shes leaving home a perfect perfect work of art.

i like george harrison too. bringing in that sitar on the trippy sarge pepper was a good thing.

anyhoo.....coo coo ka chooo - enjoyed this post!

Buzz Kill said...

I may or may not have smoked many a bong to Sgt Peppers in the late 70s. And Paul is my favorite - in a non-homosexual, admiring way.

Troll said...

I guess I'm on team Sony or whoever controls the licensing of Beatle's music. Think they've been clever and judicious about it.

Love the old photos!

Never listened to them or Wings as a yute except for radio hits.

Pam said...

carmy: Thanks!

Moi: I loved Wings also, and that Venus and Mars album? I still have mine somewhere and probably wore grooves in the grooves playing that thing over and over. Medicine Jar is a great and under-rated rock song. Maybe you *should* get that album back ;)

K9: Of course we photo'd ourselves walking across Abbey Road. But not such a great pic. Will have to scan it sometime. Shame you had to miss the concert, am sure that was very difficult to leave but health is everything. He performed She's Leaving Home here a few years ago and it was perfection indeed. you could have heard a pin drop in the arena during that song .... the most respectful audience ever.

Buzzy, now I do have a photo to post about Sgt. Peppers -- the album cover was based (probably) on a wall mural somewhere near Carnaby Street ... and I got the pic. Maybe another post for another day.

Trolly: Never too late to start listening. :) But probably too late to develop a schoolgirl crush.

moi said...

"Jet." Inscrutable, but totally kick ass. I never get tired of it.