Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Web Site for Fashionistas

A blizzard is blowing in.  Again.  So what to do with your time but click around on the internet for a while?

Clicked on a link via Facebook.  It has been asking me for days and days whether I am “Punk or a Princess” … so decided to take their little test.  Except, OMG, excuse me while I fall in love with a website.  Thought it would be one of those little cheesy Facebook tests.  But no.  Real website on fashion and style.

You click through their questions … but it sorts out what you love from what you hate …. say perhaps you LOVE scoop necks, long sleeves, mid-length skirts, and the color blue.  It finds all the things you say you love.

And if you say you hate flat shoes, the color green, sleeveless tops and skinny jeans … voile’ …. none of them appear in your own boutique.

That’s right.  It creates for you …your own boutique.  Here’s mine:


According to my likes and dislikes, they named me to the “Casual Chic” category.  And I thought my old boss’s wife coined that phrase in 1982 for a law firm party by her pool.  One of those parties that no one dare actually dip a toe in the pool.  Just sit nearby, sipping cocktails and perspiring.  She did put an inflatable doll in a bikini and sent it out to float on a raft, which I suppose was intended to show that she did indeed have a personality (questionable), but I digress.  And yes, Bev, if you are reading, I do mean C.K.  Heh.


Anyway, this site has me nailed.  Love everything on the sweater page.  Everything.  Oh, and I love the little “trend/inspiration” pics they post along the right-hand side.  Love!


You can sort by designer, color, price range, neckline, hemline, straps, no straps …. AND SHOES.  I haven’t even started on the shoes.  And boots.  Peep toe.  Heels.  Flats.  Wedge.  You name it, you can sort it. 

And now know how my next snow day will be spent.   www.boutiques.com

If you go have a click, come back here and let me know what style they assigned to you.  Would love to hear how everyone comes out!  Mine is spot-on.


carmar76 said...

oh my flippin heck! pam! i already don't have enough time to do everything i want to do online when i get home, and now you give me this?? lol love it! : )

it said i'm boho, but i like a romantic style, too (long skirts in flower patterns, mmm!). anyway, when my shop was created, they pretty much had me nailed down, so tres cool!

moi said...

Yay! Another reason not to get my work done today! Fun site. My style came up as Edgy, but I know I also gravitate towards Boho and Classic Chic.