Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The winner is …

Your humble correspondent is amazed and beyond pleased to be judging her first-ever Haiku Monday.  Not that Haiku Monday is new, just that this is the first time I have been given the task of judging.  And can I admit right now, the shameless pandering has me thrilled!  So let’s start with:


Bronze medal to Aunty for the nod to the Sooners.

Silver medal to Moi for my FAVORITE little bit from Dirty Rotten Scoundrels … Steve Martin as Ruprecht = classic.

Gold medal?  To Karl!  He hit me in the heart on many levels. 

  • One, this clip shows ALL of the State song.  My 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Willetts, made us learn every single one of those lyrics.  Brand new state! Brand new state!  Gonna treat you great!  
  • Two, the wind is sweeping down the plain tonight … in the form of thunder, rain, sleet and snow.  It’s a little scary out there right now.
  • Three, I did see a hawk circling in the sky tonight and he landed on a telephone pole at the entrance to my addition.
  • Four, HUGH JACKMAN. The hottest Curly ever.
  • Five, the London production of Oklahoma!.  Oh, clever Karl.  Another marriage of Oklahoma/England besides the one I live in personally.  Clever clever.


Moi set the bar really high in her assessments last week.  Her main criteria was one of emotion, so I went with that as well.  Multiple interpretations was high on my list.  And I’ve learned that it is important for haiku to have a turning point of some sort.  If turning point is the correct way to describe it, not sure it is, but works for me.  Let’s get started:

There is not a love so pure in this world as the love a certain Troll has for a horse named Secretariat.  Very well done.  Sorry Troll, but I had to pass on the political haiku(s) this time around.  I’m on overload in that department and all references just bounced off my brain and back into cyberspace.  And we don’t have any soccer hooligans in the family, so no emotion for me on that one either.  Although one day, I must dip into the Terry Pratchett stuff and see if we get along.  But The Horse that God Built is a contender.

Czar wrote one about voudou (voodoo), which is very entertaining to me considering I was the target once of the infamous Voodoo Lime Incident (which I’m still waiting for someone to own up to …).  This one scores high in my book.  Roots has a few levels of reference in the poem – ancestry of the practitioners; materials used; and the Big Pharm reference, which to me is the root of many a problem itself.  This one’s a contender!

Moi’s entry about not being able to fix stupid …oh girl, that is brilliant.  The root of behavior is how we are wired. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how you were raised or where you grew up … if you are wired to do something crazy (e.g., Arizona shooter), crazy is just going to happen. 

Fishy has a grand entry referencing gardening and a bit of genetic engineering to obtain beautiful results for the viewing.  Wonder what Aunty would have to say about this?   Hmmmm.   And the root canal poem?  My mouth hurts just thinking about it.

Boxer’s roots are PNW, no matter where her family originated.  Love this one.  Moss figured last week in her haiku also, didn’t it?

Kymmie’s – I had to have her explain the musical one to me.  The roots of music, blues/bluegrass, etc.  Very nice, but I needed clarification.

Karl and his shameless pandering!  I liked all of these.  BTW, we might have some Choctaw in the woodpile also.  Certainly we know that a not-so-distant grandfather was working at the Choctaw school in SE OK in some capacity and is buried in the Indian cemetery down that way.  My dad and uncle spoke phrases that he taught them in the language.  So that one hits me at home, for sure. TMI, I know.  It’s a contender.

Aunty’s pandering is appreciated with the Sooner haiku.  I, myself, have seen a certain Kymster contribute to the pandemonium.  But I think this one cancels out Kymmie’s and vice-versa.

My winner is by Karl and it is this one:

Forced by the dust bowl
to California, came back.
Oklahoma calls

Tried to find an article I was reading just this week about the reverse dust-bowl.  Saw several on the subject, but not the one I was after.  Here’s a for instance:  http://www.usatoday.com/money/economy/2010-10-12-oklahoma12_CV_N.htm

But this haiku has the emotion.  Even in my lifetime, an “Okie” was considered a derogatory term.  I can remember a campaign launched to re-brand the word in a positive manner.  To my parent’s generation, an Okie was someone who gave up and left (presumably for California).  But the tide turns now, some 70 years later. 

So two weeks in a row, the dust bowl figures.  Last week, Woody Guthrie’s folk songs led us to California because of the Great Depression; this week, those Okie roots are found to be strong and calling for its folks to come home.   Oh, and that ever-so-subtle British reference also …. Oklahoma calls/London calling?  Anyone?  Anyone?  Or just me?

Karl’s the double-winner today!


Troll said...

Congrats Karl. An especially momentous victory considering that Master Basho's Ghost competed this week.

I sent the winning DVD code to the Yahoo address listed in your profile. If there is a snafu, let me know.

You, Karl, now have the option to:

1) Pick next week's theme.

2) Host next week's contest.

3) Judge next week's entrants.

Or any combination of the above. I.E. Pam picked the theme and judged but did not host.

moi said...

I had Troll pegged for a win with one of his poleetikal polemics (Marxist Mama and Man-child Candidate had me in stitches), but I had a sneaking suspicion Karl would edge in there, too. Your assessment of "Oklahoma calls" is spot on.

Congrats, Karl!

I have a feeling we could all end up in Oklahoma one day, the last line of sensible defense (Texas is too stuck up and will probably want to be it's OWN country). Although S.B.'s reports from Checotah (or is he in Muskogee, I never remember) are not good. Lots of ice and wind. I can handle snow, but that ice is something else. You and Kym take care.

Pam said...

Troll, thanks for the opportunity of letting me judge. I have no idea of the nuances of haika as compared to a master such as yourself. Just trudging along.

Moi, yes and his visuals were quite amusing. You might not think things too sensible all the time around here. I didn't know SB was in the vicinity! I hope he is at least in Muskogee, there is not much in Checotah. What work does he do that takes him there? We had thunder-sleet last night. Dreadful out there today.

Aunty Belle said...

Whoo-hoo to KARL!! Congrats on exemplary panderin'--an' a grand Haiku too!

(Pamokc, clarification? Roots--as in roots fer her team & cheers fer them Sooners)

Hate to see ice & snow pilin' up on y'all--still recall Kymmie's snow icy drive post from last year. Take good care, Sooner/ Okies

czar said...

Karl: Many congratulations on your well-deserved victory!

Karl said...

Good morning Pam,

Thank you, I'm honored. (Just goes to show what a little good old fashioned sucking up will do. Just kidding.) There were so many fine haiku this week and you did and excellent job of writing them up. A task that I fear I would be sadly lacking at.

The topic for next week: Water (well, you knew that was coming didn't you)

I would prefer to have Troll host and judge. Troll if this is a problem, please let me know.

Hope you're curled up nice and warm. 12 plus inches and 30 knots of wind doesn't sound like any fun.

Karl said...

@ Troll: Thank you for the neat prize. Now all I have to do is figure out a modern movie that I actually want to see. Suggestions anyone?

moi said...

@ Pam: Actually, and contrary to Bryan Miller's warning never to eat Chinese food in Oklahoma, Checotah doesn't have a half bad little joint in what I guess is their downtown.

@Karl: No Country For Old Men.

moi said...

Ooops, he's in Tishomingo. Not good. That makes a one horse town look like NYC.

Boxer said...

I have to agree, Karl's dust bowl haiku was good. I recently read a book on the dust bowl and it's a time in life when many kinds of "roots" were lost.

Water theme! I love it.

You did a great job Pam and thanks for a good write up.

Stay warm! Stay safe.

Troll said...


No, I have no problem judging or hosting. "Fireproof" is a good movie. Not sure it qualifies as modern.

Pam Etal,

I spent 2 days in Checotah on a job a LONG time ago. Felt like a month!


Prize donations or suggestions welcome.

Pam said...

Auntie: Okay, obtuse me, totally didn't get the roots for the team reference. Please forgive.

Czar: Thanks for playing!

Karl: My water topic is "frozen, in ice pellet form, and falling from the sky at great speed." Congrats to you. Modern movie worth watching: Girl with Dragon Tattoo. Worth the subtitles.

Moi: Even I have never been to Tishomingo. Now I must know what he is doing in such a grand place. I would think that far south that the snow/ice missed him, but I will go check the map. Hope he isn't as stranded as my guy is elsewhere in the world.

Troll: Did you see Carrie Underwood when you were in Checotah? That's her town, so maybe you did! Again, why on earth you'd end up there for two days is beyond me. It is the turn-off from I-40 to go north to the lake areas, so I have passed through. Emphasis on "pass through".

Kymical Reactions said...

Congratulations, Karl! I loved all of your entries, my favorite was the Choctaw one.

Isn't it funny how many members of our blogger family have ties of some sort to Oklahoma? Troll should give it another shot, and spend time in a civilized area, not Checotah!

moi said...

S.B.'s turning on the lights. Which is ironic, since they went out in his motel this morning . . .

Another thing to recommend Checotah: Who's Your Daddy Barbecue sauce. We can't get enough of it. http://muskogeenow.com/?p=277

Kymical Reactions said...

@Moi: Have you tried Sweet Spirit Foods BBQ sauce? It's our (my) fave!

chickory said...

wonderful -and a terrific write up by you Pam. what a fine hostess you make! I liked Karls too and thought it was right where i was emotionally as i returned to my roots this past week. i would never stay in california!

be careful in that horrific snow storm and stay warm. dont drive! and thanks for your sweet words re: my mom. xo

Boxer said...

just checking on our friend in Oklamhoma... you have power? food? staying warm?

Sending you good thoughts.

Aunty Belle said...

Ugh! Lookin'a at weather map--hope yore fireplace is stocked! (There IS chocolate, right?????)

@ karl
yep, I go wif' Moi on movie: NO COUNTRY FER OLE MEN