Friday, March 11, 2011


So, in my quest to be the world’s best GRAMMY ever (!), I have told the Babygirl that I would have some crib bedding made for the Grand-Boy.  In searching around online for some inspiration, ran across this fun site:

All you creative types out there – this might be down your alley.  Drag and drop fabrics for the bedding, change the paint color on the walls, change the flooring.  Change the crib colors.  Too much FUN. 

And if you want to take a screen-shot and send me any inspiration that might be of interest to one fussy mother-to-be, feel free to do so!  In fact, if anyone wants to play along, send me your screenshots at and I will do a post soon with what is received!

Here’s the Grand-Boy bedroom inspiration so far:  A Chickory creation!


Here are a couple of the designs I have come up with and which are submitted for Kymster comment and approval herewith.  Meaning, she hasn’t seen these either yet.   And no, I’m not trying to sway her any which way or the other, I just know she is a visual person and needs to “see” possibilities of fabric combinations. 



Okay, so here are the problems and limitations:

  • The mother-to-be does not want blue for this boy’s room. 
  • She also does not particularly like ordinary dots or your typical stripes. 
  • She likes the idea of greens, but not mixed with brown. 
  • She thinks houndstooth is too girly.  Someone please back me up here in that houndstooth was originally for men and it is we women who stole it from them.
  • She would probably go with curtains instead of the bedskirt.
  • She would rather not have animals in the print and certainly nothing with faces if it can be helped.
  • This particular site has limited fabric selections.  But it does allow a person to see how patterns or color combinations work together.  
  • Suggestions needed for good boyish patterns and color schemes – is plaid too boring? 
  • Mom-to-be likes maybe a little retro but not too theme-y.
  • Not sure I can convince her to buy fabrics online, sight-unseen … since we can’t be sure of feel, touch and texture.  Am sure these are mostly all quilting types of fabric, but does anyone have expertise in this area?
  • Mom-to-be is slightly disappointed that Damask will be out of the picture, even knowing that it is “on its way out” even as I type this.

I like this color pallette from the Ty Pennington collection (I know, I know!), but it suits the criteria in a way.   (From  Am sure celtic knots would be out but I’m just throwing this out here for color consideration.  Presuming that other fabrics in similar colors might exist in this world.


If Grand-Boy was going to be a girl instead, this was the first look that Babygirl fell in love with (below).  So what is the updated boy version of THIS without going with purples or damask or ruffles? 


So while she is looking and shopping and deciding and mulling, thoughts and comments from all the Bloggie aunties and uncles appreciated!

I am taking a mental health day on Friday after the stress of the last six weeks at work … yowza. Everyone at the office is complaining of how horrible it has been!  It started with robo-calls from trial lawyers and blizzards; now it is just throngs and throngs and throngs of people.  Changing trains of thought every 3 seconds has done my brain in.  Am hoping to go out hiking up to an abandoned farmhouse I know about and see if I can get some pics.  As I said, mental health day!


foam said...

i have the theme for haiku monday up.
i'll be back here later.

Troll said...

Those are SOME of the limitations?

My dad made mine out of milk crates.

moi said...

I like the first one you came up with. A simple, neutral background against which Kym can add color at will.

How was your mental health day? I took one, too, but it was just a different kind of work.

fishy said...

Hope your away day was beneficial :-)

Looks like Kym prefers a tailored look. Have you seen the monogrammed sets available from Pottery Barn Kids? Good quality for the money, good variety and,
in place of damask medallion
the monogram in a Sterling color?

Aunty Belle said...

Oh boy (heh, literally)

Hope yore hike wuz jes' the thang! Feelin' refreshed?

Kymmie is in a tizzy, huh? What about GrandPam? Will ya have a wee place for new chile' at yore home too?

I likes dots. But I did look over some of them fabrics--loved the muted tone on tone design of Circus Circus--an' though it is a theme, it is very muted.

What about a navy blue with red accents? Boyish but not "blue"

I does like the green an' brown set up too.

Wow--so many choices. Reckon thas' why Troll's Dad jes wnet back to basics?

K9 said...

i defer to the Fishys of the world. I dont know anything about beddin no babies. however, might you have a look at some vintage shops. im a bit wary of too matchy matchy. an eclectic room put together of cool stuff that makes sense even after the baby. meaning...for a dresser or whatever you change the baby on - how about an old timey sideboard that you lay a long cushion on top. and after baby - you gotta neat piece of furniture. I dont know. I would just buy stuff i liked for whatever reason and make it all fit together somehow.

Boxer said...

I know a lot more about Kymmie after reading her likes/dislikes. I love that she clearly knows what she doesn't want and when I'm working with someone that makes my job a lot easier. However, I'm going to defer to our resident Designer Fishy who kinda nailed it with the tailored comment. Still, you've done a great job finding some really beautiful fabrics. I could happily sleep in all of them.

did you get that walk to the farmhouse? I really hope you did.

Kymical Reactions said...


I do like a tailored, clean look. Nothing too busy, but nothing too "typical little boy". I am not opposed to blue, just that baby blue, that is every where you look.

And just when I thought I knew what I had in mind, I found this:

How awesome is that wall art? I love the idea of this retro theme, and something like this, maybe not exactly this, because I'd like to work in other colors...

This is freaking hard work!

And Lord help me, because I feel like I'm turning into that "first time mom" mom. ack!

Pam said...

Foamy: I thought I had a pretty good vocabulary but had to look up the theme word. Interesting indeed!

Troll: Milk crates sounds appealing at this point! I never said I didn't raise a headstrong child.

Moi: I like that one also, slate gray and cream. More on my mental health day below, but glad you got one also.

Fishy: Between this and your e-mail, wonderful WONDERFUL advice, which I am passing on. Will let you know when I hear more from the Mom-to-be.

Auntie: Grammy is doing well, and I sent you a long e-mail this morning. Let's keep in touch on this subject.

K9Barkydog: Fantastic advice re the furniture. The stores that sell baby stuff are selling expensive stuff but it is all laminate furniture. I can't see that it will hold up to a lifetime of kid use. The simple little wood pieces that my sis and I had, survived our childhood and most of Kymmie's. In fact, I might just suggest they shop at the unfinished furniture store for inspiration.

Boxie: Oh yes, she knows what she doesn't want and would rather do without than settle for less than what she DOES want. I wonder if motherhood might change this somewhat! Thanks for the weighing in!

Kymmie: You and I can discuss at length later!

All: The hike to the abandoned farmhouse didn't happen. Friday, as you know, turned into another Japanese holocaust day. But in Oklahoma, it was wildfires and high winds. In fact, that area where Karl used to live and was hit by a tornado last year, was hit again. About 30 families lost homes to wildfires. Just an awful day all around. I ended up coming home, taking a long nap, and watching "reality tv" in the form of local news folks reporting on the situation. We could still smell scorched earth this morning, and we are about 10 miles away from the nearest wildfire.