Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Movie Clip Wednesday–Elizabeth Taylor


Suddenly Last Summer … that’s it for me.  Liz at her most beautiful.  Sorry I’m late tonight with MCW, but work work work work work.  It’s all I do right now. 

Plus, how much do I love Katherine Hepburn in this movie?  Only lots.



Pam said...

Buzzy and Karl have me thinking about Liz and her relationships with men ... and their relationship with her. An interesting and complex woman ... think I will try to find a biography about her soon. When I have time to read again.

Aunty Belle said...

Gosh, I missed this one--hmmnnn...the Monty Clift thang--complex: nice fer a Beauty to have a platonic male friend? Or, she be so gorgeous she might convert him? or, they both be so wounded that they can share their hearts?

Luv Hepburn.

AN wow! Taht baby counter is too kool!

Buzz Kill said...

On screen they (Liz and Monty) actually had good chemistry. Pretty good acting I guess.

Have you used the baby counter to figure out the exact day of conception and where Kym and the old man were when it happened. Hopefully not in your bathroom or closets. Bwahahahaha

Karl said...

Good evening Pam,

I don't really know much about Liz and her relationships. Other than the observation, that high strung people tend to have high strung problems.

Although I'm a sucker for white bathing suit.

A belated happy clip day and I hope your schedule gets a little better for you soon.