Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Movie Clip Wednesday–Favorite Film set in England ….

I’ve been looking for a reason to use this movie … Fave film set in England?  Well, this could just be it!   I give you ….

The humour is spot-on; the cameraderie of the cast; the music is brilliant … we just love everything about this movie.  One we quote often.  Sheffield, a City on the Move.  The bit about the gnomes.  Dancing to Donna Summer while in the line for the Dole.  I’m sure there are some rolling, bucolic scenes too … no wait, mostly an industrial town in the north of England.  Fun stuff.  I need to see this again soon.  Plus I think Robert Carlyle is adorable in this movie. 

Will I be blog jinxed?  Perhaps!  I know you were expecting from me something with  beautiful countryside, castle ruins or perhaps Clive Owen ... sorry to disappoint.

Meanwhile, my life, which has not been my own for several weeks now is settling into the crazy-busy routine.  With interruptions interrupted by interruptions.  I started something at 8:30 this morning, and by the time I took care of the things that piled on top of it and was back down to where I started this morning,  was more like 4:00 in the afternoon.  Was like, oh yeah, almost forgot I needed to do that today ...  

And not that you want to know, but have discovered a product for stress that I am very impressed with.  Ashwagandha.  Or however you spell it.  Aruyvedic medicine.  Or however you spell it.  Very good stuff. 

Been on it less than a week and am feeling much more human.  Brain function returning.  Road rage lessening.  The overwhelming need to beat someone senseless with the telephone receiver almost completely diminished.  Energy is up a bit so that when finally home for an evening, am able to converse in more than disjointed grunts that are meant to be sentences.  Can actually speak sentences that make sense.  You know that recent video of the news lady with the migraine?  Yep, that could be me of late. 

Plan to stay on this stuff for a while longer ... no real side effects (except wonderful sleep).  It is meant to support your adrenal glands.  And evidently in thyroid patients (or lack of thyroid in my case), the adrenals get called into action to make up for what is lacking in other organs.  So it doesn't take much stress to overload the adrenals.  And then chaos ensues.  In other words, I've been a mess lately.  Physically, mentally, you name it.  Stressed out and messed up. 

But am hopeful my new wonder-supplement will continue to help.  I'm recommending it to everyone and anyone who is struggling with low energy, high stress, nervous exhaustion.  That type of thing.   Human.  It is all I want to be.


Boxer said...

I loved this movie and had nearly forgotten all about it. It's everything good about British humor and it will be fun to see if you are blog jinxed.

As for your stress and Ashwagandha, I am a big fan of natural medicine and my post on Friday will go into why. For now, remember this is nothing to eliminate stress better than... elminating stress. :-) That said, it's also important to sleep and support the body, so I'm glad you've found something. From what I know about this supplement, it actually has fact based resarch supporting it's claims. I love that it's not produced by big Pharm. Happy MCW!

Pam said...

Eliminating stress not an option until June. Busy season! What can you do ... gotta deal with it! Glad you know a bit about this, can't wait to read more.

Troll said...

Glad you found a natural product that works for you!

Sounds like a good movie.

I'm UP with a classic.

xl said...

I haven't seen it yet.

Happy MCW!

Buzz Kill said...

I actually didn't like this much. Mostly because I couldn't understand them. Interestingly, the Mrs' cousin the Actor (who I talked about a couple of weeks ago) did this as a traveling play (I think in Tennessee and somewhere else) and he was one of the naked guys.

Happy MCW!

Milk River Madman said...

great clip and excellent choice. As for the anti-stress stuff. I'm off to buy some at lunch. Can't even tell you the last time I slept through the night without waking more the 4-5 times. Between the BG situation and work it's been nuts. Great advice and I'm looking forward to giving it a second opinion. Oh, I have a hypo-active thyroid so really looking forward to it.