Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

And it IS a good Friday.  Good Friday.  A good Friday.  I'm off work.  Got to sleep in.  One of those rare days in this life that (once the husband gets up and heads off to work), you get to sleep until your body just naturally wakes up.  Love it.

Today I am cutting out some things for a sewing project.  For Babygirl.  For Grandboy.  It has fallen to me to make the Designer Crib Bedding.  Designed by me.   Not that it has been designed yet, but it is in my head swimming around.  So pray for me.  That I can get what is in my head to flow out of my fingertips and channeled through a vintage 1981 Kenmore sewing machine ....  I have great faith that I can do this.  I can DO this.  I know I can DO THIS.

I think.

We're meeting Friend Jamie and Her Newest Man tonight for a catch-up.  Hope to see my kids sometime over the weekend.  Nephew Erik should be in town sometime soon so we will have a family get-together when he is here for sure.

Got good news from the doctor's visit last week.  Nothing to report in the way of cancer markers, so that is super-good news.  The bad news was that a few other levels were seriously down, so I have ordered supplements from an online store, since I never have time to make it to the local health food store down the road.  Too tired for that.  But hopefully will be on the upswing soon!

Grandboy is baking along nicely!

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter.  I should be back to my usual old self soon enough ...  cheers to everyone.  I know you always get the "remember the reason for the season" at Christmas ... but definitely at Easter ... Remember the Reason for the Season."


carmar76 said...

Amen to the REASON we have this Good Friday. : ) Happy Easter!

Lots of happy things about this post. You will totally rock the sewing project for the grandboy!

Buzz Kill said...

I am hopefully going to do a different kind of sewing this weekend - in the garden. If the weather cooperates. Happy Easter Pam.

Boxer said...
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Boxer said...

I'm glad you had a day of extra sleep and some quiet time just for Pam. I'm not sure if designing bedding is a relaxing thing, so yes I'll pray for you but I think you'll do just fine. A true labor of love. You're going to be a wonderful Grandmama.

BTW, have you decided what you're going to called?

Happy Happy Easter to you and yours!

Aunty Belle said...

sewing? designer sewing ? post pics, PAM!
New babies...what a special time of life for you, Pam.
Yes, reason for season--thank you for the reminder.