Friday, April 29, 2011

I admit it: I watched!


I tuned in about the time Charles & Camilla we were leaving Clarence House for Westminster Abbey.  Enjoyed every minute of the thing too.   Had been too busy to watch much of the hype and lead-up to the Royal Wedding, so was looking at it with very fresh eyes and enjoyment.

Royal Wedding … in every sense of the word.

I predicted almost exactly what Kate (Catherine) would wear also .  ….  who needs tv commentators?  I knew it would be straight and simple with lace arms and shoulders covered.  Oh, and with a long train, but not so long to be ridiculous.

Poor girl though, I thought she was going to pass out!  And Prince William, truly a man now.  He had a very commanding presence.

Anyone else admitting to watching?  I’m sure there is at least one who did not (Chickie) …   but things I found fascinating:

  • The trees in the Abbey.  Stunning!
  • The very simple wedding party (sister/brother/brother)
  • Imaging how it would feel to be Mr. Middleton, walking your daughter down the aisle at Westminster Abbey.  Truly amazing.
  • Imaging how it would feel to be the Middletons as you join Charles & Camilla in the carriage ride back to The Palace and join the family on the balcony!  Seriously, no one could dream that this would ever happen to them.
  • The hats.  So fun.  Except for that one hideous thing on the top of a certain red-headed cousin royal.  What the heck was that?

And the bride?  More elegance and class in her than in most of the rest of the royals put together!  She is stunning. 

The groom?  This boy is now a man and I’m thinking no one should be crossing him.  Woe be unto anyone who tries to make his wife into a media target.  And somehow, he reminded me of Prince Albert standing up at the altar with his bride. 

That military uniform … stunning.  She’s stunning.  They are stunning.

And I wish them a very wonderful married life.  They deserve it.

Here in OK, someone else was flying the flag for England.  Literally.


For the rest of my day:  Am missing a work baby shower for my babygirl … just not feeling up to snuff today.  Must have a little virus or sumthin’.  I hope she gets lots of goodies.



Brit Gal Sarah said...

Just totally splendid from start to finish and there's another Okie/Brit up north a bit who's had the union jack flying for 24 hours now.

Feel better soon :-)

carmar76 said...

i watched bits & pieces of coverage in the breakroom at work. LOVED the dress. and love their smiles, they look so happy! i'll hopefully watch the ceremony sometime this weekend. i want to see the vows, but wasn't willing to stay up when i woke up at 4. :)

Brit Gal Sarah said...

BTW are you trying to convince me I need reading glasses woman? And I even have my screen zoomed to 120%!

Aunty Belle said...

Yes, I did watch an hour of review on Fox tonight wif' Greta whats-her-name. THE HATS!! Mercy, but the hats alone would have made their own program.

Folks make mention of the removal of the word "obey" from the vows....but I'se impressed by the archbishop usin' the ole, serious form of lockin' that pair into matrimony.

Did anybody else notice? He warned them of judgment day, said marriage wuz the sign of Jesus's love fer the Church,an tole that couple that they should live by God's holy laws so that they could see each other in eternity. Well, gracious. He meant them to know they's hitched an' any unhitchin' ain't gonna be to God's likin'. Now that is impressive.

I did wish for a commentator who knew who the guests were, beyond beckam and EJ.

Loved the trees! Lovely touch.

Pam said...

Sarah: Thanks, I knew you would be all over this wedding!

Carmy: I loved the dress too and agree on the happiness factor. A very happy couple.

Sarah: I'll go check the settings, who knows what blogger does to fonts when we aren't looking.

Auntie: My hubby noticed those lines and commented on the traditional wording, especially using Holy Ghost instead of Holy Spirit. And how about a big nose-thumb to all those who think the Church of England is dead and/or the Episcopal church doesn't preach the Gospel.

fishy said...

I watched, loved the fashionistas,
especially the HATS, adored the trees in the abby and was thrilled by the seriousness of the service.

I pray these two take seriously this opportunity to influence a generation back to solid, christian marriages.