Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I was out taking pics this weekend ..
MORGAN 04-11-187

Including this beautiful girl – a high school senior named Morgan; the daughter of a friend’s co-worker that I have known for some time.  Did I ever mention that OKC is like living in a small town?  Ha.  Everyone has a connection somehow.

Meanwhile, doctor visits this week (ugh, nothing bad but gotta start with a new doc); work schedule finally slowing down to a normal pace; husband still has a job since the government didn’t shut down; the grand-boy is baking along nicely.

No complaints from me this week at’tall.


Troll said...

I'm glad the Government didn't shut down. Not sure if people who rooted for that understand the full ramifications.

Boxer said...

I'm with Troll.

fishy said...

Those weeks when we count our blessings more than our woes are to be celebrated.

moi said...

What a beautiful girl and what beautiful eyes.

I was all for the government shutting down because I knew it wouldn't be for long. Remember 1995? Anything truly terrible happen because of that? No.

And it would have at least been a STATEMENT on the part of the Republicans--who are supposed to be fiscally "conservative"--to act, well, conservatively.

Aunty Belle said...

Howdy. Jes' pokin' mah haid in the door to look around a bit--see how y'all is doin...happy that baby is cookin' along. Our new wee clan chile is real purty--mayhap we can arrange a blogger romance in 16 years. Hee hee.