Friday, April 15, 2011

President Coburn?

Buzz I'm hearing this week:

President Coburn?

Anyone?  Anyone?  Comments?


Troll said...

Didn't see anything about him having any interest on there. I'd support him but...

he's from Wyoming and lives in Oklahoma. 2 states where the Obamanation is going to lose anyway.

moi said...

There are so many good candidates for the Repub nomination, I think narrowing the field down to someone the party can actually run and run well is going to be the challenge.

Unfortunately, I think that field is going to narrow down to Romney.

My personal choice is Gary Johnson.

chickory said...

republicans are notorious for picking weak candidates. i submit John McLame for exhibit A.

I dont know this guy and i kind of dont care. the mess we are in requires a superhero and buckets of kryptonite.

good to see you pam.