Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sterling in Spring

It was a beautiful Saturday in Sterling-Land. 

And on the back doorstep was another beautiful thing.  Or, it had been.  An unusual green-winged moth, of the huge variety.

sterlie moth3

However, we didn’t notice it until a certain maniac cat named Sterling deposited it on the back doorstep.  Needing and requiring attention and praise, he deposited it, that is.

sterlie moth

The poor moth!  It was desperately trying to flutter its wings but was only able to maintain a semi-circular walking pattern … sort of like how you feel after too much to drink and you have to keep one foot on the floor to keep the bed from spinning.

sterlie moth2

However, it was abundantly clear who had made this “kill”.

sterlie moth0

And it was even more abundantly clear that said Sterling Cat needed love and praise and high fives for accomplishing such an arduous task as neutralizing a lovely green moth.

sterlie moth4

Yep, he’s looking for dad to give him thanks and praise.

And the end result for the moth?  About 15 minutes later, no sign of him.  So he was either eaten entirely or finally got his wings working and made an escape.  But he was not seen again.

And Sterling has been looking pretty pleased with himself all weekend.


Boxer said...

My hope is it went like this:

Moth: Thank God he's gone. I'm outt here.

Sterling 0 Moth 1

or, that's my hope.

carmar76 said...

lol i am w/ boxer & hoping the moth made his escape! but, still, good job sterling?! i remember when my last kitty, tabetha, brought me a baby bunny. i was so sad, but had to congratulate her... and then made my brother take care of the bunny so she wouldn't keep bringing it back to me!

carmar76 said...

oh yeah, and that is a really pretty green!

moi said...

My theory is that we will never fully domesticate the house cat. They are only, and to varying degrees, tame. Stick one outside, and there's little difference in behavior between a Sterling and a lion.

chickory said...

OMG he killed a lunar moth. I hope he realizes that is really bad luck. he just x'ed off 7 of his 9 lives. damn kitty!

Buzz Kill said...

All I can say is WTF. That thing looks like a green bat. I, for one, am glad it's dead.

Pam said...

Boxie: That is my hope also, it was a lovely lovely thing.

Carmy: A baby bunny might push me over the edge. Not sure I could deal with that either! But i'm not sure Sterling is smart enough to pull that off. Sally,however...

Moi: Trust me when I say there is a LOT of difference between Sterling and a lion. The other two, yes I can believe you.

Chickie: Don't tell me that! My heart broke for this moth. I had never before seen such a beauty. And it WOULD be Sterling to do such a thing.

Buzzy: The voice of reason!

Kymical Reactions said...

He's just trying to be a proper cat. :)