Friday, May 27, 2011

Camera Help Needed?

I had this idea since everyone is asking about figuring out their cameras.   I’m not sure I would call myself qualified to try to teach anyone else.  But maybe we could all learn together.

With this thought in mind, I created this page:

I have a Shutterfly share site for other purposes and thought it might be just the thing where those of us that want to could post some pics, discuss frustrations, enjoy success, etc.

This site could be a private or as public as we like.  Could be totally open for viewing to the world, or private to members only.

Each of us would have our own page to post pics of what we would like to discuss or have critiqued.  Maybe we could give each other photography assignments.  Or invite others to participate and give them a page also.

Anyone interested?  I have this public for now but will take it private in a few days.  Am thinking it would be best to have a members-only thing going.  That might require a sign-in though. 

I’m not sure how the site works from the other side … meaning, I set it up and know how it works on my end.  Not sure how someone else joins it from the other end.

At any rate, just an idea if anyone is interested and separate from regular Blog World. 


Boxer said...

What a great idea and I'm totally up for it. Thank you! I don't mind it being public or private, I'll go with whatever is decided. I was trying to figure out a private Facebook group, but not everyone is on Facebook, so this better.

Fun idea!

moi said...

Yes, this would be very cool. I'll sign up to Shutterbug sometime today.

fishy said...

I'm good wioh this although I prefer private to public.

Aunty Belle said...

I'd like to do this--but I may be a huge drag--I really ain't camera savy. I had a point an shoot cool pic thas' drivin' me nutty--but I need the zoom (7x). This thang doan let me calibrate the sttings much though.

Anyhoo--great idea!

Pam said...

We'll go private, that suits me fine also. All I was thinking is maybe some monthly assignments (as everyone is so busy, give us plenty of time) ... home page can be for the assignment .. for example, stopping action; exposure; etc. Auntie, play along if you like, your camera probably has some little settings (like I use all the time) and might get you more comfy in using them.

Will have an assignment up later this week! Better do me some research!

K9 said...

Im in! sounds great. Cant wait for the first assignment.

Karl said...

Good morning Pam,

This is an neat idea. Can I play too? If you do a private site, how do others login?