Tuesday, May 31, 2011

June Photo Assignment

To those that want to play along with the camera /photo assignments, sign up at this site:


Just “sign up” with an e-mail address and then it will ask you to contact me to be added to the site.  Just hit send to get the message to me and I will get you added.  Will also create a page for everyone who signs up.

I have a challenge up for June, which is stopping action (fast shutter speed).

Let’s just do one assignment a month so as not to burn anyone out.  But what I would LIKE to see is that everyone posts a few of the process in getting to a their good shot.  Post the blurry ones, etc., that lead up to the one you think “got it”.  And if you can keep up with the EXIF data or track the settings, post that info also.  Again, this is where I get lost!  I try different settings and then forget how I did something.

Even if you don’t have a DSLR but want to try some of the things your little camera will do, why not join?  We are going to stay private so we can work out the bugs of photography ourselves -- but everyone would be welcome to post their work on their own blogs.

I admit to being Photoshop-Dependent and using the pre-set features of my camera instead of fiddling with the dials and menus.  The math of it all makes me nervous still. 

And hopefully we will get a member or two who understands all the dials and menus and wouldn’t mind giving some pointers or creating a challenge or four themselves.

Anyone wanting to get to know their camera better, let’s dig in!


Boxer said...

I just signed up - used my "real" email and name so please accept me! I love this idea and can't wait for June. Thanks for doing this Pam.

Aunty Belle said...

uh oh--doan even know if I can adjust shutter on this thang.


moi said...

Just signed up. I need help with dials and menus, too :o)

Karl said...

Good evening Pam,

You should get my request for invite soon.

Pam said...

Boxie: You are added!

Auntie: You might have an action setting though -- with the running man or doggy setting?

Moi: Dials and menus! Argh! Try them with bifocals. :(

Karl! Unexpected and welcome!

chickory said...

i work at it now. I never use the auto settings anymore. I like 'aperture priority" best. that little camera rocks. remember back at christmas - i wasnt in love. I am now. will sign up tomorrow!

Pam said...

Chickie: Aperture Priority is a fave of mine also. And Shutter Priority might work on this challenge. Anyway, you and Karl and now added. My power went out last night and came back on about midnight, so didn't get everyone added.

On the Shutterfly site, everyone can design their own page ... there are page layouts and little things you can add, like a map or a weather widget. And I am assuming that when you upload pics, they will go in to your own account. Remember, it is an experiment.

Happy shooting everyone!

Pam said...

I have posted a few links on the Shutterfly page that talk about shutter speeds and understanding why to use it. This assignment is about stopping action, but understanding shutter speeds is also helpful in certain light. Happy learning everyone. I hope this turns into a good and informative little project. And if you know someone who might provide some insight and help, have them join up!

fishy said...

This should be fun and inspiring!
Did you get my sign up?

Pam said...

Fishy, yes, I have your sign-up. So far, it is Moi, Boxer, Fishy, Chickie, Karl and me.

Everyone should be able to personalize their own page a little bit, but everyone who has signed up should be able to upload to this site under their own e-mail addresses. I'm sure there might be some bugs to work out since I have never done a private page where others contribute.