Sunday, May 15, 2011

Osage Country Wedding


A breezy day but not so windy to deter the joyous outdoor wedding of Chris & Valerie. 

There was a spectacular view from the hillside of the ranch setting …



Beautiful, elegant, simple, graceful.


I wasn’t the photographer, but had my camera handy.  Was it wrong of me to clone out the minister from “the kiss” photo? 

This was the highlight of my weekend.  How was yours?


chickory said...

mine was rainy. Yesterday I made a bunch of strawberry desserts and gave them away. I had so many strawberries i have 17 baggies of frozen berries to add to smoothies. Love the lovely wedding shots. cloning is always wrong. (just kiddin)

Boxer said...

I went to SoCal for an OUTDOOR graduation and for the first time in 80 years... it rained! It's following me!!! Still, it was spent with family and a rare trip with Mr. Boxer and I had a fun time.

@Chickory - if the ding dang Farmer's Market was open you could have sold those strawberries!

Pam said...

Chickie, mmmmm strawberries. Maybe we should try growing some. We are actually trying blackberries and tomatoes this year. I say we. I mean "him". ha.

Boxie: Rain, sigh, we need rain. Send it our way. Last year we had floods, this year we have drought. SoCal sounds like bliss, would love to visit that way. Who graduated? And yay for family trips for GOOD reasons and not SAD reasons.