Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Ooooh, none of ya’ll were easy on me this week. At all. Such good stuff and I love how many kept with a patriot theme. My preggie babygirl, Kymmie, came up with the theme, so credit her for that.

Let’s get started:

Moi: Oh, don’t EVEN get me started on men flocking to blondes like dogs in heat. You see it daily in my office environment. It is an amazing phenomenon to behold. Otherwise rational and practical adult males turn into 13 year old junior high boys at the sight of a blonde. No wonder so many women bleach their hair … men just fall at their feet and do what they are told. Note to self: Call hair salon immediately.  It’s a contender.

Czar: Had a very creative haiku and was definitely thinking outside the box. Extra points for the visual on this also. I’m one of those black and white thinkers so seeing the pic was especially important for me on this one.

Troll: Tricky Troll had me confused with “bromide”, but curious enough to go look it up. I thought he was using “bromide” as a term for an antacid or something similar to mean covering a distaste, but this definition says different: Bromide compounds, were frequently used as sedatives in the 19th and early 20th century. This use gave the word "bromide" its colloquial connotation of a boring cliché, a bit of conventional wisdom overused as a calming phrase, or verbal sedative. Very tricky indeed. I had not heard the term used this way. Also very good visual points.  It’s a contender.

Boxer: I don’t think she had one this week but if she did, I missed it somehow.

Fleurdeleo: A great visual also and obscure movie / pop culture reference. How can you go wrong with that?

Princess: High heeled and fabulous and the visuals weren’t cliché at all.  In fact, the visuals were quite unexpected.

Auntie /Ether Capacious: Had three great haiku (haikus?) and egg on the face was very timely for a certain California politician. I think that one also is just great for all the cliché references in one little haiku. It’s a contender.

Fishy: What can I say? Oh the tugs at the heartstrings of a patriotic American. Standing tall haiku touches me. Plus, just the phrase “If I’m lyin, I’m dyin …” Love it. It’s a contender.

Kymmie: Oh yes, I can even hear my mom’s voice saying it and am feeling compelled to go get something accomplished because mom was that way.  Get in trouble?  Get yourself busy and dig your way out of it.

Chickory: I love LOVE the bull art! I think Chickie’s inner strength has surfaced, don’t you?

Karl: I can so relate to the temperature one. That’s about what has happened around here too.




It's a bromide, but...

Big Brother IS watching you.

For the greater good.

Three cliches in one haiku.  Because of the sentiment of “the greater good”; sending me to the internet to look up the bromide reference; and big brother watching.  And plus that phrase makes me think of Hot Fuzz, which makes me laugh.


Egg on your face, mate?

You got your just desserts. Piece

of cake? Humble Pie!

Four cliches in one haiku.  Because this one can go way beyond the obvious person it brought to my mind (Arnold) … it could be Mel Gibson, Lindsay Lohan, any number of people.  Cliches of cooking referring to life.  Love this.


I couldn’t decide.  So both are winners in my book.  The prize?  Another Kymmie suggestion: 

Thunder player

No, not Kevin Durant.  But some OKC Thunder merchandise.   Auntie and Troll, e-mail me your info at pamokc@gmail.com and some Thunder will be arriving in your mailbox soon!

Congrats to all the entries, this was a tough contest.


Troll said...

Outstanding synopsis and an even better job picking the right haiku as winner!

And nice of you to throw Aunty a bone too. Grrherhahahahahahhahahhahahahaa.

We (pam and I) both understand the word "bromide" better now. I knew it was somewhere between a cliche and a platitude, thought it melded perfectly with "for the greater good", and liked the alliteration with "but and big brother".

I did NOT know that it's origin was that closely related to "bromide" the binary chemical formula.

Troll said...


Let me know if you want to pick theme, host, recap, judge, and provide a fabulous prize for next week.

czar said...

Congratulations to both. Troll nailed it, and as soon as I saw Aunty's late entry I thought, "Aunty's here. Contest's over." Well done, all.

Boxer said...

nice write up. Kinda glad I didn't have time to participate.... sending Thunder merchandise to the PNW would be BAD. I'd get things thrown at me.

Thanks for hosting and providing cool prizes.

Kymical Reactions said...

lol at Boxer. :) Ahhh, come on!

Had today been Monday, instead of Tuesday, and I were in my usual Haiku-thinking-upper spot, this would have been my entry:

WHAT gives, as it GOES
AROUND in circles, it COMES,
Echoes back AROUND.

moi said...

Congrats Troll and Aunty!

That's exactly what I would have done! Troll's snagged my brain from the beginning, and then Aunty's threatened to usurp its Numero Uno position. Great job judging, Pam!

Kym's is pretty freaking brilliant, too. Good thing you didn't have that one to contend with as well.

Karl said...

Good afternoon Pam,

Aunty Belle and Troll congratulations!

Bromide threw me also, I had to look it up. My impression had been that was an antacid. Now that I know the difference, it puts a new light on some jokes in old movies.

Thanks for a fine job judging and write-up.

@ Moi: Thank you for hosting.

Aunty Belle said...

Aw....shucks, Pam OKC, Gracious, ya made mah day! Thanky so much. How fun your synopsis is, too. Now I need to make the rounds to see the other visuals.

I will say I is akshully honored to share wif' Troll, cause I found his to be stellar. Thang is, like Czar last week, Troll snagged the theme I first thought I might tackle. ( I MUST quit these last minute entries, cause the good subject matter has been well crafted by the time I see 'em)

Since Thunder is clever enough to wear GATOR blue and orange it's a winner all the way!

Sir Troll-Man, thanky fer offerin' the options. If ya agree, may I select the theme an' provide the prize, if Troll's lair will host and judge next week's Haiku Monday?

@ Kym: that baby will be a genius--not many newborns is conversant in Haiku!

chickory said...

i cant disagree with this assessment. although Fishys were also very good this week too. Congratulations to Troll and Aunty, and thanks to Moi and Pam for doing the hard labor of hosting and recapping. Happy haiku to all...im sure AUntys theme will be a challenge. as this one was.

Pam said...

Troll, I had never heard of bromide as a term, so it was all new to me, but even if it had been an antacid kind of thing, I liked the imagery.

Czar: Yep, Auntie was in by deadline though!

Boxie: Even a can coozie or similar?

Kymmie: My clever girl, but a little too late.

Moi: Thanks for that, I struggled with declaring a tie, but had to do it.

Karl: Only you would recognize it as a reference from old movies.

Auntie: Congrats! Send me your info for merchandise delivery!

Chickie: Fishy was in the running, definitely, and had great visuals, but I went with the ones that had more than one cliche in the haikus. Ack this is hard judging.

fishy said...

Oh good job!
Hooray for Aunty and Troll.
Wicked smart and entertaining is an awesome combination.

Fleurdeleo said...

Nice going Troll and Aunty! Troll, you strode right in with confidence and those visuals...as if it were a topic close to your heart!

Thanks Moi for hosting, and Pam, very nice write up!

foam said...

absolutely great choices! congratulations to the winners.