Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pam’s Southern Adventure–Circa 1972 (for Chickie)

Old Florida and a bit of Georgia and N’Orleans.  Feel free to skip if you can’t take it!  I wouldn’t blame you one bit.

We had gone to California the summer before my brother graduated; so the summer before Sister Carole graduated, we went to Florida.  Driving all the way in a two-door blue Ford Maverick with back seat windows that didn’t unwind and two chain-smokers in the front seat.  Neither of whom would roll down the window to let the smoke escape because “the air conditioner is running.”  To top-off the horror and total humiliation, the Maverick had almost no trunk space, so daddy rented one of those on-top-of-the-car luggage racks.  Carole and I both still have the scars of teenage indignation from that trip.  And if I ever end up with lung cancer, I will blame this particular vacation also.

The first part of the trip (and I can’t find pics) was to Vicksburg, Mississippi.  I remember the Yazoo River running through some Civil War battleground.  There is a pic of me sitting on a cannon somewhere.  I know not where.  We stayed in Biloxi, where there was a ping pong table at the so-called resort and the juke box was stuck on two songs … Rod Stewart’s “You Wear it Well” and I can’t remember what the other one was.

Next, was New Orleans. I loved it there!  We were allowed to walk around *FREE* …. oh was that a lot of fun.  Little did we know that mom and dad were on the other side of the street watching us all the time.  Oh, we were hot stuff alright.


This pic below is **just because** I have always liked it.  Me and mom.  Me being a 14-year old snit.


Next was Stone Mountain, Georgia.


Maybe someone can tell me if this carving was “in progress” or is it complete here?  I don’t know.

Now for more of Pam being a 14 year old snit.  I think it was because I was humiliated for having to wear a sailboat on my tank top.  I distinctly remember hating that sailboat with a passion but it was a thousand degrees outside, so had to wear it.




Next, it was off to Mouse-World and “Old Florida”.  Dear Chickie, not nearly as many pics as I had hoped to find, and probably none that are of worth to you.  But I promised to scan and here they are:

Pam and Sister Carole in front of some huge tree.  Now dig that tie-dye tank top.  Loved that top.  LOVED it.


Cypress Gardens and the water skiers:


Here’s a random Southern Belle sitting in a swamp with gazebo:


A heron in a swamp.


My mom with hanging cypress trees behind her.  I always felt my mom was sort of a cross between Liz Taylor and Jackie O.  She had a certain glamour factor back in the day.  This pic didn’t scan so well.


Another random Southern Belle sitting in sweltering heat wearing civil war dress and being miserable, I have no doubt.


Mom and Sister Carole watching the fish through the glass bottom boat.


And here are the fish they were watching:


My dad, who was the shutter-bug.


Mouse-World.  The year it opened (1972-ish)


Not sure what beach we went to, but that Atlantic Ocean was big and scary compared to the Gulf of Mexico.  I didn’t like it.  And what would I give to have my 14 year old bikini body back?  Uh, a lot.


Awkward Family Photo of my dad.  Or, maybe for one of those things that go around the internet where something strange is going on in the background?  I never noticed this before today.  Is that kid getting slapped by his dad?  Too funny!


Still here?

Thank you for taking a trip back in time to 1972 with me.  The interesting thing is, I didn’t get the family trip the year I was a senior.  Everyone else was grown and gone.  What I did get was a trip to Hawaii with two girlfriends after graduation.  Unsupervised.  Heh.  Now there’s a post for another day.


Boxer said...

I love this post. I love the photos. It reminded me of many road trips I made with my family about the same time and it nearly brought me to tears. I love the picture of you with the sailboat. That 70's hair! Parted down the middle and long. Do your family take many car trips? We did.

Troll said...

Great post and pics. Memory lane. 4 people in a maverick? yikes!

K9 said...

best. post. ever.

i was rolling in the first paragraph. the two door maverick with no windows and chain smokers? grherhahahaha. i bet if any of us gets lung cancer we can blame the 'rents because it was just like MadMen i the fifties...everybody smoked! I remember when you could smoke in a restaurant...and my parents did. one time we were sitting after dinner as they smoked and drank coffee for what seemed like an eternity and i said something like "why do we have to sit here while you smoke and drink all night"

you know, you could also slap your child in public back then and not be arrested or have that ass from "what would you do" john quinonas on ABC stick a camera in your face. no, no do-gooder intervened on my behalf.

Loved seeing the cypress gardens shots -it is exactly as i remember. Once i had a program there...i remember the big pool you could watch the water skiers while you swam.

My favorite shot is the one of your mom in front of the princess castle - thats a classic. I think we all had straight hair parted down the middle then. I cant remember ever taking a road trip with my family! not that lasted days anyway. I think my parents' marriage was on the skids when i was a little girl so the first big road trip was at 13 when my mom and i set off just us to a new state and new life post divorce. that trip was to mississippi where she went to grad school.

heck, i wish i had my 30 year old body back! oh well. c'est la vie.

thanks for scaning and posting. i loved it.

Pam said...

Boxie: Oh yes, we did road trips. Maybe not some typical ones, but oh, the memories, eh? Yes 70's hair. I'm brave enough to show it here.

Troll: 4 people in a Maverick, which basically had no back seat OR ventilation OR a/c that would reach back there either. Or power steering. I took my dl test in that car. And failed because of it.

Chickie: Glad you enjoyed! Oh yes, I can recall many restaurants sitting while mom/dad finished the coffee and cigarettes. Then of course, mom wouldn't be able to sleep ... now I know why. If I have caffeine that late, wide eyes for me. Yes also on slapping kids in public, and also your parents friends were allowed to slap you in public if you misbehaved, but they better not find out about because you'd get slapped again when you got home! It was expected that if you acted up, someone was going to slap you into behaving! I'm also glad someone else is creeped out by the What Would You Do series. ICK.

moi said...

Super post! Your dad was pretty stylin', too. Love the sunglasses.

We were a family of four stuffed in a VW bug (my parents were hippies) with that space at the very back that they called a "dog compartment." My brother and I fought tooth and nail for the right to cram ourselves in that space. I remember my mother making our lunchtime sandwiches by opening the glove compartment and using that as a workspace.