Monday, May 16, 2011

Regrets, anyone?

An online friend is asking me, so I’m passing it on …

Anyone interested in writing up a few paragraphs on regrets? 

What is it you regret in this life?  Did you do something you are sorry for now?  Did you get caught doing something you shouldn’t have been doing?  Did someone get hurt because of your actions? 

What do you regret?   That you never got the nerve to talk to that one boy in class?  That you had to work instead of going to the kid’s ball game? 

I know what fantastic writers there are in our blogworld.  If anyone would like to submit a couple of paragraphs, or more … my online friend has an assignment / collection she is putting together.

I told her I would put it out here and see if we could get some participation for her.  Maybe she should start a blog page and have people blindly submit their regrets.

Anyway, if interested, let me know and I will send you her e-mail.   Or, post here and I will pass it along.


carmar76 said...

i was just thinking about this the other day. i'm including a snippet from a blog of mine from last october, talking about the one thing i regret - not holding my dad's hand one last time before he went to be w/ the Lord. your friend can feel free to use it in her project if she'd like.

i can still see daddy in that hospital bed. i remember mom calling me and asking me to pick up an Rx for him on my way home. and then calling to tell me i didn't need to because they had to take him to the hospital because he couldn't stand up by himself. i remember not knowing what was going on & if i should go to the hospital or not, because mom had said she'd call me if he was going to have to stay there. i remember getting a text from jen & then talking to her on the phone & her telling me i should come to the hospital. i remember waiting in that room all by myself for 1/2 an hour, playing on my phone & wondering when they were going to bring him up to the room - they'd said only a couple minutes. and the chair was uncomfortable, and i was wearing the same outfit i had on today. and when they wheeled him in, there was a male nurse dressed like a pirate who wanted to weigh him and mom fought him off because he was unconscious and she i think had a 6th sense about what was going to happen and she didn't want to WASTE any time and then everyone was in the room and daddy wasn't awake and i thought, "well, he'll wake up soon." but the doctor came in & said he wasn't going to, that he'd been down too long, and then we...

and then we were all around him, mom was praying and telling him it was okay if he had to go be w/ our Father now. and i was thinking "no no no this isn't happening." and i was outside of myself and couldn't CRY and coudn't ... i wish i would have held his hand one last time. if i regret anything, that would be it. i don't regret anything i said to him or didn't say - he knew (knows) i love him, how much so, so much. i just want more.

Buzz Kill said...

I regret that I wasn't forceful enough when the Mrs said "it's time to have kids."

Pam said...

Thanks carmy and buzzy, will read more later.

However, just realized that this request might just fall into Aunty's "Great Unpaid" post so maybe I shouldn't have passed this along ... why share something that might be going who knows where?? Let me find out some more info about this lady's project before sharing more.

Thanks everyone.

Boxer said...

I try hard NOT to look back with regret, but of course it wouldn't take long to compile a list. I have small, medium and big regrets but at the same time I know I did the best I could at the time in my life when presented with options or decisions.

Hindsight is not always something we need in our life. I regret not taking a job at Microsoft when I was 29 but... am I really? I didn't take the job because I didn't want the job and instead followed my heart. I make less money but I'm happier. Or, I hope I am.

I'll be interested to see the other comments.

moi said...

"It seemed like a good idea at the time," is just about all the commentary I allow myself to make about the past.

Pam said...

Carmy, I finally got to read your post fully. Awww, hugs to you. It is hard to lose a parent. But I have to say that I am intrigued as to why the male nurse was dressed as a pirate.

Buzzy: Hindsight is 20/20, eh? You know you wouldn't change ANYTHING.

Boxie: I think you should be VERY glad you didn't take the job at Microsoft. Although I am interested to know what the job was you turned down! My dad turned down a job with Ross Perot when he was starting up because it would mean moving the family. I wonder how our lives would have changed had he done so? But we had the life he wanted us to have.

Moi: Amen, sister. I will adopt that line myself.

All: Will find out more about my friend's project and will report back in before sharing the stories.

carmar76 said...

thanks, pam... daddy passed away on halloween. some of the staff were "dressed" in costume (mostly for the nurses this included subtle face painting & maybe a hat).