Friday, May 13, 2011

Royal Enough Weddings


On a beautiful fall day last October, drove up to my old stomping ground at OSU to take some engagement pics for Chris & Valerie.  Chris is my friend KJ’s son. I met him first while he was sitting in a carrying seat in a shopping cart at the Big TG&Y (former local landmark five and dime store).  It must have been Christmas of 1980.  He was just about three months old.  We’d taken Kymmie to see Santa.  She was a little over a year old.  KJ & (her then) hubby had Chris there for Santa photos.  So, as you can see, we go way WAY back.

On Saturday, am heading to the Tulsa area to watch Chris get married to the sweet and vivacious Valerie.  And to watch KJ pass out from emotional exhaustion.

But another wedding that I would love to attend is for this couple below that is taking place “Across the Pond” on the same day:


My very-London niece (by marriage) … Joanna and Tom.  This girl is an absolute jewel.  And these two are world travelers.  If they have a spare dime (or spare pence, I suppose), they are booking a trip somewhere.  Tom is an author and I’d love to know him better.  She has (up until recently) sold fine jewelry for Harvey Nichols in London.  Think Harrods and then up it a notch or three.  Anyway, Jo & Tom will be getting married on Saturday at this stately English country house:


And if I knew her parents (and after 20 years I can say that I do), am sure this wedding event will be sublime in all aspects.  Presentation, food, everything.  No doubt about it.  It might be relatively small, but it will be exceptional.  Le Sigh.  Double Le Sigh.   Does this house not look very Jane Austen, eh?

I’d love to be there.  Grrr. Le Sigh.

So to my friends and families having their own royal-enough weddings this weekend:  Blessings to you all.  Peace and love and lots of future happiness. 



fishy said...

Blessings on all the brides, grooms and photographers!

Aunty Belle said...

Fun post! Loved seein' the lovers an' hope all went well--we wil EXPECT a full report.

An' has I tole ya how much I like that babytracker thang? Wunnerful gizmo.

Whas' this baby gonna call ya'?

Pam said...

Fishy, thanks so much! Got to attend a beautiful outdoor wedding.

Aunty: I've seen some reports via FB about the wedding across the pond, will do a post when I know more! The babytracker is a fave. I have seen people do them for weight loss, days to a wedding, etc. But nothing as important as this Grandboy!