Saturday, May 07, 2011

Saturday Night Special

Hello out there to whoever it is that reads this blog.  Sorry I’ve been too busy to keep up with everyone for the last couple of weeks.  It will probably be a couple more weeks before I am back in the human race for any real length of time.

Here’s a real problem:

Not only does it wreck your diet, but it makes your brain jello.  Or it has mine anyway.  Was definitely flustered this week.  And last month.  And the month before that.  Brains weren’t made to change tracks of thought every five minutes for nine hours a day.  Mine wasn’t, anyway.

But crazy season at work continues.  At least two weeks (but most likely three) before Sine Die.  That is the day when we all catch our breath, climb out of the piles of paper on the desk, and run screaming up and down the hallways in joy and reverie.  I think I have that spelled right, if not forgive, I’m too tired to go look it up.

And meanwhile, back at the house, preparations for the Grandboy are continuing.


Can you see his little profile here?  These 4D scans are amazing.  I got to go with Babygirl last week for her latest ultrasound.  She had a few things that the docs were watching, but all seems to be going very well.  We saw boy parts (looks like a turtle, evidently), and he keeps swinging his arms and hands in front of his face.  But this pic here?  This looks just like his daddy’s profile.  Smile

More importantly:  I’ve been sewing.  It’s been years, that’s all I’m saying.

But Babygirl has a specific color scheme in mind for Grandboy.  Here it is:


Remember when I said that she likes green with black but not with brown?  Took forever, but success was achieved at a specialty fabric store.  The green (not that it looks it here) is that celadon green, or celery green, or maybe light green apple green. And the green ~~ does it exist in baby furnishings anywhere?  NO.  It does not.  Sage green, yes.  Baby green, yes.  Lime green, yes.   Celadon green, no.  The lighter color is a light beige, not a white.  She selected several other fabrics for texture. 

In the photo is my first attempt in ages to sew something for public viewing.  It is a window valance.  There is another one also.  And now there are 3-4 pillows of various types, and two blankets in almost-finished status.  I have yet to tackle the main blanket in this main color pattern.  Thought I better get some practice in before I take the plunge.

And when I say that I have not sewn in years, here is the proof: 

kym in hag 1

Oh yes … it does fall into the “Embarassing Kym Photo” category.  From that period of time in her very early teens when we lived in Western Maryland.  See that cheerleader skirt?  Yep, yours truly made it.  Sewn with love by me.  Pleats.  With different color insets.  ARGH!!!!!   Was not fun or easy.  (She’s the one in the green / Jets shirt …)

While we are on the subject, here’s one more pic for good measure:

kym in hag2

Sorry, couldn’t resist.  This was a semi-strange time in our lives.  It was good bonding time as a family for the three of us, but it was my first time to live away from home (except for 2 years of college).   But how could I ever complain about THAT?  We certainly weren’t as far away from home as someone else (John).  But this is an area of the U.S. where the people are very different from my friendly Okies.  The folks in this town didn’t **visit** while standing in line at the grocery store.  The restaurants didn’t care if you ate there or not.  We had servers thrown menus at us.  We were outsiders.  Seriously, we would not have known many people at all if it wasn’t for trying to find activities for this girl above to get into.  Oh, plus all those other crazy Brits in town.  But Babygirl made friends and we had all those normal school activities going on.  Thank goodness!

What I wish I had, and can’t believe I don’t, are photos of Kymmie’s 13th birthday.  We took a bunch of kids to the local pizza place.  Let them run wild in the back room of the restaurant while we sat up front with one of the other moms.  Eventually, the manager came up to us and said we were going to have to gather up the kids and leave since they were getting complaints from other customers.  Not for being rowdy, mind you.  But for levitating the waitress.  Some of the diners felt it was “satanic”.  Whaaaatttt?  Off we go to the back room.  Adam, one of the boys at the party, was on his knees praying for forgiveness.   The waitress was sitting cross-legged on the floor with a group of kids around her doing the old slumber party trick.  She was a good sport about it.  Ahh, good times.   But not sure it did much to cement our reputation in the town!

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.  Once I’m not multi-tasking so much, I’ll be back more often.  



moi said...

Apple green is one of my favorite colors. In furnishing and accessories, though; not to wear. Interesting article on the brain and switching gears. Maybe the people next to me on I-40 would be safer if I just retired. Hope you get some peace and quiet soon.

fishy said...

I agree, current working conditions are causing an adult ADD epidemic.
Have you been in a store where the staff stops dealing with you to take a phone call or answer a buzzer? I did actually ask a woman recently why she would abandon an actual customer standing in her store to answer other calls/buzzers. Her response was "corporate" times how long it takes staff to respond to calls and buzzers but there is no way to measure actual human interaction.
C-R-A-Z-Y .

Kudos to you Pam for getting out the old sewing machine to make a dream come true for your girl. Surely we all are looking forward to viewing the results currently in production :-)

Aunty Belle said...

Is this the best post or what??

Yore Reverie is spelt perfect an' the photos an memories an' sewing--terrific!

I luv the baby ticker tape too. I gues ya KNOW we'uns expect ya to throw a BABY party soon as the wee Prince arrives.

I am partial to green. MAh favorite color --celadon is on mah own walls.

Summer might be a respite fer ya, huh? Hope so.

Pam said...

Moi: Apple green it isn't, but close. And I-40? Maybe I should hop on it and head west to come say hello. Running away sounds very good right now.

Fishy: I can measure actual customer interaction .... by walking out the door.

Auntie: Glad to know there are other celadon fans out there. Maybe they should paint the walls that color! I will tell her you suggested. Sorta.