Saturday, June 18, 2011

Another step on the path to old-ladyhood

There I was, supine on the little table covered with an old but clean sheet, in the back room of one of my favorite little Asian nail salons, just finishing the eyebrow wax, which is one of the greatest inventions known to this woman.


But then.  She asked me.  Yu wan chicks?  

I said, Wha?

She said it again.  Yu wan me wix cheeecks?  Yu have lotta fuzz.

And the horror of the situation hit me!  Fuzz?  Old lady cheek fuzz!  On me~! 

SIGH.  Heavy Sigh.

There it is.  Eyesight so poor I don’t even see the old lady cheek fuzz on my own face.

So of course, yes, I did wan chicks also. 

Note to self:  Call eye doctor and discuss lasik and don’t chicken out this time.

Second note to self:  Fight old ladyhood as long as possible.

In other news:

Lunch with Kymmie and her friend Jen who put on the fabulous  baby shower a couple of weeks ago.  We’re going to go have a girly lunch.

Car show tonight and one of those paying-jobs photo sessions tomorrow morning!

Life is good.  And obviously has been for a LONG TIME.  Old lady fuzz.  @#$@#$@$%


Troll said...

Have fun at the car show with your new smooth chicks!

I'm going to enjoy being a curmudgeonly old geezer.

moi said...

I've had the same waxer for seven years. Only the relationship I have with my husband is closer, yet even he cannot impart the particular kind of satisfaction that comes from a set of perfectly arched brows.

Now excuse me while I put on my cheaters and go take a look at my chicks . . .

Brit Gal Sarah said...

OMG lmao, trust me you're doing well if this was your first time for the chicks. I have been taking care of whole face fuzz for a few now!!

Boxer said...

for the record, Moi's eyebrows are perfectly arched.

Second, I agree,


I will be on the look out for this stuff appearing on cheeecks. Sounds horrible.

xoxo to Kymmie and the baby.

fishy said...

Poor chicks get a bad rap on mature women. Don't we all exclaim about how cute it is on teen boys not yet grown into their adams apples?